Among Us but with the NEW 19,000 IQ LOVERS role... (custom mod)

Published on Apr 4, 2021
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Disguised Toast and friends play some new custom roles in modded Among Us. This time Toast plays the Lovers role. To win as Lover you and your partner must survive together to the top 3. But if one in the couple dies, both players die.


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Edited/animated by: otriggad

Disguised Toast
  • Cutey Cat

    Cutey Cat

    5 days ago

    The lover mod just portrays the “but mama I’m in *love* with a criminal” sound

  • Paradoxx Productions

    Paradoxx Productions

    7 days ago

    These are making me actually wanna get among us, but I don't have enough friends to the lay with :/

  • Not Harry

    Not Harry

    11 days ago


  • KenShiro Ch.

    KenShiro Ch.

    13 days ago

    0:43 lol that is a good one 😂

  • Marc


    15 days ago

    6:15 the background music and skip votes lmao

  • KookieLida


    20 days ago

    Am I the only one wondering who wins if toast lily and Yvonne r the last 3 alive?🙂

  • Paridhi


    20 days ago

    How do we get these?

  • Cuty Thurtuss

    Cuty Thurtuss

    25 days ago

    you didn't mention that Loving Impostors can win with Impostors and Lovers can win with Crewmates

  • N.Z.A


    26 days ago

    what if lily killed yvon? does toast win as imposter or lose as lover ? :/

    • Bloo Jay133

      Bloo Jay133

      11 days ago

      N.Z.A A good question

    • Maziah Banuelos

      Maziah Banuelos

      22 days ago

      Shut up

  • YoboyLEM


    28 days ago

    yall sus people then never vote them?

  • Person


    28 days ago

    this is like goose goose duck

  • Scarlett Parker

    Scarlett Parker

    Month ago

    Yvonnie's glasses disappeared at 5:20

    • xQzca


      16 days ago

      its a filter doofus

  • that guy who likes bridge's

    that guy who likes bridge's

    Month ago

    Double impostor

  • Anson Sieu

    Anson Sieu

    Month ago

    Shiphtur with play of the game

  • Apple Gallego

    Apple Gallego

    Month ago

    What if fuslie or Edison got lover role but got paired with someone 🤣🤣

  • CryBeatz


    Month ago

    The trick would be to have 2 crew mates act like lovers so an imposter kills one of them trying to get the double and you immediately know who one of the imposters are

  • Mallory SF

    Mallory SF

    Month ago

    "Yvonne, you didn't see shit!" - epic. XD
    Ok, 2 imp and 2 innocents - the game is now broken. It really shouldn't work like that. Toast is actually a crew that can kill other crew with no consequences and cannot be killed by imp. Crazy.

  • Sean Lim Yu Xuan

    Sean Lim Yu Xuan

    Month ago

    Me: WTF

  • Ssassauge


    Month ago


  • Max Kennedy

    Max Kennedy

    Month ago

    The tacobell ding every time you kill gives me craves, stop it

  • Faith Lee

    Faith Lee

    Month ago

    is it just me or did yvonnie's glasses come off when she tilted her head?? is it a filter

  • LightBlueAloe


    Month ago

    The good old days

  • Maria Vivian

    Maria Vivian

    Month ago

    Toast at the end of the first match either wins or wins. There's no way he loses

  • HunnyBunz12


    Month ago

    Toast kills Leslie , time ward goes back Leslie is excited she survived “ osmrmshsishebeibejshs …… it’s toast” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ronald McDonald

    Ronald McDonald

    Month ago

    What happens if Yvonne, toast and lily are the last three

  • CardMaster


    Month ago

    5:25 "Real Life Politics"

  • minerliton


    2 months ago

    10:53 i think my brain is malfunctioning

  • IShowSpeedWhileBridging


    2 months ago

    I got the chemical ad that wants you to skip it and it takes 30 minutes I watched it all

  • Lonely POTATO

    Lonely POTATO

    2 months ago

    wait, if the lovers can die at any point in the map, you could possibly witness a lover die randomly in the middle of nowhere.
    just like a dead body lying there and nobody really physically killed

  • Jackie Cald

    Jackie Cald

    2 months ago

    toast i love your videos!

  • Jazen Luke Mojica

    Jazen Luke Mojica

    2 months ago


  • Hadi De Bie

    Hadi De Bie

    2 months ago

    In the intro when the narrator says *'Disguised Toast'* I hear *'This Guy Is Toast'*

  • Shhh


    2 months ago

    i swear most of the among us videos have the word iq in it

  • Gaming Fantasy

    Gaming Fantasy

    2 months ago

    Im curious, if there is like a seer or a role that can detect a person's role, will they read it as lover or imposter?

  • 아아 어

    아아 어

    2 months ago

    The abaft belt biosynthetically decay because look excitingly reduce via a sore nerve. lame, nine kenya

  • Razerwork


    2 months ago

    Yo I had mad flash backs when they said they can’t kill you if they can’t catch you run just run and I was like *run Barry run!!!

  • Roy bgp

    Roy bgp

    2 months ago

    Wendy galaxy brained you and still died. Damn.

  • Alek Sy

    Alek Sy

    2 months ago

    The Toast x Yvonne lover duo game is very fun to watch.

  • Amoogus throwbacks

    Amoogus throwbacks

    2 months ago

    Toast: the majority of you arent suscribed, is that right? Editors?
    Editors: Thats CAP

  • Andi A

    Andi A

    3 months ago

    fusile losing her mind over how there were 2 imposters and the game wasn't over was priceless

  • Bird Can't Swim

    Bird Can't Swim

    3 months ago

    This is like
    Yandere And The Jealous Boy

  • Trinity Franklin

    Trinity Franklin

    3 months ago

    I’m in love with a criminal

  • ThatOneGuy


    3 months ago

    Great title: The the new lover role made imposter and crew mate to work together.

  • Aiesha


    3 months ago

    Leslie was so cute when there were 4 people left 🥺

  • Jhern18


    3 months ago

    I always thought the intro said “ha this guy’s toast” 😂

  • Jacob Fong

    Jacob Fong

    3 months ago

    Imagine if the imposters called comms at the end 😂

  • Tess Schneckenburger

    Tess Schneckenburger

    3 months ago

    Question if the sheriff is in play amd kills the imposter lover doe he/she kill them selves as well because they also killed the crew mate lover?

  • passerby musician

    passerby musician

    3 months ago

    "and then i realize... I... Im speed"

  • Abbigail Damon

    Abbigail Damon

    3 months ago

    When you notice your not subscribed to Toast because you usually watch Corpse Sykkuno Spedicey and Ludwig 😅

  • anleevogue


    3 months ago

    I really thought it was "disgusted toast" all along ohhh gosh, i am ashamed. But that fits tho, still nice

  • Twisted Code

    Twisted Code

    3 months ago

    voice chat widget is missing from the fourth game... and I'm not good with telling voices apart

  • Twisted Code

    Twisted Code

    3 months ago

    that game 3 ending, dang! "Danny was the sheriff and killed one of the lovers, resulting in 3 innocent people dying". If that isn't one of the most embarrassing sheriff misfires ever (at least in the moment. Don't feel too bad, Danny), I don't know what is. Big oof, Shiphtur!

  • Alpal76


    3 months ago

    Ryan Higa's alive?!?!

  • cRAzY FOr mySeLf

    cRAzY FOr mySeLf

    3 months ago

    It sounded like “don’t do it daddy”😂😂😂

  • silver shine

    silver shine

    3 months ago

    Lovers can talk too during the game.

  • CY A

    CY A

    3 months ago

    lmao that part how toast was talking about to sub lmao
    cringe worthy

  • Acoustic Jamm

    Acoustic Jamm

    3 months ago

    Is "loving imposter" just "yandere"?

  • Lamgo


    4 months ago

    New way to say no

  • Arnold


    4 months ago

    The intro sound like "this guy is toast"

  • spikers6669


    4 months ago

    sorry but Yvonnie cute hair color...I might see it differently tho colorblind but love it. also why didn't the game end with 2 imposters

  • Lucas Parsons

    Lucas Parsons

    4 months ago

    So if they play with Phantom and Ship gets it would that make him...Danny Phantom 😂

  • Uce GangGang

    Uce GangGang

    4 months ago

    Love to hear the word “hella “ come outta toasts mouth 🤣

  • Zexal Digisaiyan Ash

    Zexal Digisaiyan Ash

    4 months ago

    Edison: I had the worst team mate ever.
    Me and the other players and viewers: Damn, Edison! Damn!!! That's funny, but that is so harsh too!!

  • Terror Tubbie

    Terror Tubbie

    4 months ago


  • EyeFlyPlayz


    4 months ago

    Yvonne: Freaks out about being lovers with Toast
    All Toast simps: hhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa now Das shuspichos
    8 months later on OTV: *Narrator*: “This moment started a spark in Jeremy’s heart”

    • Filiph Ajax

      Filiph Ajax

      4 months ago


  • Tate Rocheleau

    Tate Rocheleau

    4 months ago

    3:54 *”this is the thing u need.” 𝐮𝐬𝐦𝐨𝐝.𝐛𝐮𝐳𝐳 ”Am I right?” 垃圾。Lord*

  • Salti_ Kitten

    Salti_ Kitten

    4 months ago

    better name for the "loving imposter" role..... Yandere

  • raz gaz

    raz gaz

    4 months ago

    If someone does not know what gas lighting is just show them this video

  • The2378AlpacaMan


    4 months ago

    wendy was waiting to do the time warp again

  • The2378AlpacaMan


    4 months ago

    imposter mayor real life politics, too real

  • SCJ XD!

    SCJ XD!

    4 months ago

    They NEED to add a role where somebody can see the map during meetings. They can see every color and where they are along with the body and its color. Idk but i think this would be a great role

  • lesley enthusiast

    lesley enthusiast

    4 months ago

    I'm not subbing when you have loads of adds in your vids

  • Magna chao

    Magna chao

    4 months ago

    Funniest 2000 iq joke of the century

  • inactive account

    inactive account

    4 months ago

    i l ovoe u disgursuted roat

  • Void Opall

    Void Opall

    4 months ago

    What a love story Toast an imposter fell in love with yvonnie but lily doesn’t know Toast fell in love and yvonnie doesn’t know Toast is an imposter so Toast has to do his mission while keeping yvonnie alive while keeping lily off yvonnie’s tail and killing the other crew mates without looking sus in yvonnie’s eyes welp you’ve got your work cut out for you this round toast XD

  • Daniel Palma

    Daniel Palma

    4 months ago

    Danny killing them as sheriff and losing the game had me dying

  • Grace Neller

    Grace Neller

    4 months ago


  • Giraffy Pat Gamer200

    Giraffy Pat Gamer200

    4 months ago

    I love senpai

  • _Ghost_Of_Chaos_


    4 months ago

    The fun thing is with Leslie, Yvonne, Toast and Lilly i didn't mayyer who died Toast still would've won
    Leslie died: Lilly and toast win
    Yvonne died: Lilly and Toast win
    Toast died: Lilly and Toast win
    Lilly died: Yvonne and Toast sin

  • David Morris

    David Morris

    4 months ago

    That first game was literally the funniest thing to happen in among us.
    I feel so bad for leslie tho. She really went through all the emotions 😂😭

  • Waffle Dog

    Waffle Dog

    4 months ago

    this is just like real life!
    abuse your lovers so that you dont die!

  • ZinHit Got All Jams

    ZinHit Got All Jams

    4 months ago

    I think the TIME LORD role is confusing! When it have to rewind time, It's really confused 🤔🤔

  • JohnKazuma


    4 months ago

    Sherif Killing the crew lovers.
    Me: You were supposed to kill the imposter not join them.

  • VOP


    4 months ago


  • Bigfootsb28


    5 months ago

    How does toast not notice the chat button is at the top

  • Rajnesh B

    Rajnesh B

    5 months ago

    5:23 Fax

  • Asriel


    5 months ago

    guys, can u tell me, how, and where can i download mods?

  • Ethan Schneider

    Ethan Schneider

    5 months ago

    lik vid now

  • 黒い人新鮮な


    5 months ago


  • limyohwan


    5 months ago

    that hjune morph thing, now i want to see someone do it the other way. Kill as their true self and then morph, while in view.

  • T-rox Official

    T-rox Official

    5 months ago

    Lol So Among Us Mod Lovers Picks Your Gender INCLUDING GAY AND LESBIAN.

  • NickXenix


    5 months ago

    So the Impostors marinate Crewmates, and the Lovers marinate Impostors, hmmmm.

  • MeNino _

    MeNino _

    5 months ago

    Toast really be pulling the women

  • strxwbaeri


    5 months ago

    4:58 DID TOAST FART?-

  • انيق رضي Aniq Rodzi

    انيق رضي Aniq Rodzi

    5 months ago

    If Imposter a Lover, which team they are on

  • usercin


    5 months ago

    if toast advocated to vote off lily hed both get rid of his only threat and make himself look clear and he basically has the game in his hands :)

  • Sawconn


    5 months ago


  • Sleeviato


    5 months ago

    when the sus

  • Talentless


    5 months ago


  • Elite Ayanokoji

    Elite Ayanokoji

    5 months ago

    What if the lovers were also both imposters