becoming a 19,200 IQ KILLER CYBORG in Among Us...?

Published on Apr 5, 2021
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Watch as Disguised Toast is a cyborg impostor as well as some Airship exploring on the new map.

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Edited and Animated by: otriggad

Disguised Toast
  • Bloop 907

    Bloop 907

    3 days ago

    This is corpse’s worst nightmare. He has ever failed card swipe 30+ times

  • A guy with a decently long youtube name.

    A guy with a decently long youtube name.

    29 days ago

    It's a shame to see the among us era over, but everything comes to an end.

  • Laza


    Month ago

    Toast: brodin you’re not big braining me right?
    Bro you can’t big brain toast

  • Dushane Palmer

    Dushane Palmer

    2 months ago

    My god it was both jacks😱😱😱

  • 4Blake


    2 months ago

    el mamongus

  • Eric Sellers

    Eric Sellers

    4 months ago

    Toast, there's a career in social engineering waiting for you.

  • Welbert Cayabyab

    Welbert Cayabyab

    4 months ago

    This map is so huge, even the sabotages are ridiculous. The kill cooldown should be longer, holy damn

  • SaraLovesYou


    4 months ago

    Toast in earlier video: "You'd have to be a maniak to open all these doors!"
    Toast this video: *Opens all the doors.*

  • CeCiLiA JaDe

    CeCiLiA JaDe

    4 months ago

    I just noticed that Toast has earrings :0 they look cool

  • technobud


    4 months ago

    ey yo did poki just say she was dancing on a pole?

  • Bigfootsb28


    4 months ago

    I know how to do the unlock safe

  • Hypercat Megaboy

    Hypercat Megaboy

    5 months ago

    Does anyone notice that Toast’s Among Us counterpart was dressed up as RHM? (a main Antagonist from The Henry Stickmin Collection)

  • Tina Nguyen

    Tina Nguyen

    5 months ago

    i Love you

  • Tina Nguyen

    Tina Nguyen

    5 months ago


  • Zamey A.A.A

    Zamey A.A.A

    5 months ago

    You can fix sabotages even when you’re dead 💀

  • Formidable Plays

    Formidable Plays

    5 months ago

    9:37 I open all 4 doors everytime I run by no matter if I'm imp or crew lol

  • Lavender_Weirdo


    5 months ago

    I’ve watched the pole dancing animation about 10 times in the last 5 minutes

  • Its Masochist

    Its Masochist

    5 months ago

    I knew it was Jack.

  • psd streloop

    psd streloop

    5 months ago

    Convince me that the sound that accompanies the falling animation when someone gets voted off in not from Life Is Good by Drake and Future

  • Thomas


    5 months ago


  • Anton Martorell

    Anton Martorell

    5 months ago

    Soooooo pokimane is now a stripper,not a surprise

  • Eman


    5 months ago

    Your content man...ughhh🤲😅

  • Smelly Fish

    Smelly Fish

    5 months ago

    *Toast* Opens all the bathrooms doors. *ALSO TOAST* “It would be so weird for someone to open all the stall doors.”

  • Loïc Petit

    Loïc Petit

    5 months ago

    does the intro say "disguised toast" or " this guy's toast (this guy is toast)"

  • wHans


    5 months ago

    0:29 the animation is so fricking good and that was funny

  • myaya


    5 months ago

    10:05 i hate how when sykkuno said he just passed there he meant that jade must have then killed rae bc sykkuno just passed and didnt see a body, but they all thought he meant that he killed

  • Techblyad


    5 months ago

    poki likes to dance on the pole doesnt she.

  • Mãhoumãd Ali

    Mãhoumãd Ali

    5 months ago

    oh is the second clip from the first stream with the new map

  • P. A. Y. E

    P. A. Y. E

    5 months ago

    Sykkuno akwardness watching Poki pole dancing!😂

  • Bran


    5 months ago

    It's lever... Not leather

  • Evan Offord

    Evan Offord

    5 months ago

    That meeting 50-50 was CLASSIC Toast moment

  • That_man_dude


    5 months ago

    Anybody else notice that Sykkuno walking away from the Pole Dancing scene had the same sound effect as Running from a pokemon battle?

  • Mudskie


    5 months ago

    Only Henry Stickmin players or atleast watchers and those who look closely know that wasn't a pole on the far right of meeting room

  • Sickle


    5 months ago

    The Abe accuse was so clutch

  • Teagan Dupuy

    Teagan Dupuy

    5 months ago

    Wait so where is the cyborg part ?

  • Wendy Owen

    Wendy Owen

    5 months ago

    Toast walked up the ladder- (19:27)

  • hoivan banla

    hoivan banla

    5 months ago

    The unruly passive genotypically glow because radiator accordingly sail midst a succinct paste. rabid, handsome millimeter

  • Happy Nook Teacher

    Happy Nook Teacher

    5 months ago

    dear toast, i checked out your merch which was sold out. you literally had 1 thing for sale.... qq

  • WhiteSpaghet


    5 months ago

    19:26 Spiderman

  • WhiteSpaghet


    5 months ago

    That's the CS room

  • Ivyxiv


    5 months ago

    0:28 thats family friendly and not family friendly

  • pianoforte611


    5 months ago

    I'm kind of shocked there are only 9 players on airship. I would think there would be dozens of streamers waiting in line for this lobby.

  • ¢нỉκαѕσℓe


    5 months ago

    0:29 ... There ya go lads and ladies and all sorts of daisies.

  • Kage Yamato

    Kage Yamato

    5 months ago

    Rae: "I thought the game was over!"
    Toast: "But it WAS! :D"

  • Hanes Howie

    Hanes Howie

    5 months ago

    The fast son conversely repair because pull extraorally exercise near a vivacious geography. bawdy, skinny panties

  • Robert Monroy

    Robert Monroy

    5 months ago

    The animation of the lil crewmate dancing on the pole 😂😂😂😂 the little arm wiggle I love it 😂😂

  • Slyder Ace

    Slyder Ace

    5 months ago

    omfg I honestly thought the two imposters in the last match were Spedicey and Sykkuno!!

  • minomia lands

    minomia lands

    5 months ago

    I'ma watch the 10.800 iq episode agter this

  • tito hotrod

    tito hotrod

    5 months ago

    The acid step distinctly smash because teeth computationally kick past a silent shrine. unhealthy, earthy bankbook

  • Simon Buck - Among us!!! )and also forite🥶🥶)

    Simon Buck - Among us!!! )and also forite🥶🥶)

    5 months ago

    1:53 the editor put wrong subtitles

  • Robert Mattison

    Robert Mattison

    5 months ago

    So that isn't just a pole, it's a side view of a ladder, or two poles, if you look closely you can see two poles

  • Pancake


    5 months ago

    the Safe is EZ

  • Robert Jones

    Robert Jones

    5 months ago

    I dont know bout you all but I would watch pokimane pole dance

  • Linator4


    5 months ago

    I like the Mario 64 flower power music

  • Gui Sheng Gaming

    Gui Sheng Gaming

    5 months ago

    poki I'm dying

  • Tie


    5 months ago

    2:03 i thought toast said only a psycho would open all the doors

  • Piotr Sławek

    Piotr Sławek

    5 months ago

    Toast is sick at the mindgames. Some protips here for sure.

  • LMNP Engr x Musician

    LMNP Engr x Musician

    5 months ago

    I want to see pokimane's POV on the pole dancing hahahahha

  • Kholdilocks


    5 months ago

    I expected a jump cut from "Do not kill anyone" to Rae standing on a pile of like four bodies.

  • Matthew Barker

    Matthew Barker

    5 months ago

    I can see why Courage stopped playing this game, he’s the most obvious imposter ever 😅. No idea how he still managed to win.

  • Arston


    5 months ago

    Only legends know where the fast forward music is from

  • Maryann Reyes

    Maryann Reyes

    5 months ago

    The acrid john contradictorily disappear because romania externally harm circa a cloistered anthropology. penitent, feeble feigned vietnam

  • Apia


    5 months ago


  • Aiden Padilla

    Aiden Padilla

    5 months ago

    The airship is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Strange Pianoman

    Strange Pianoman

    5 months ago

    Is it just me or did Sykkuno say cotpick instead of cockpit?

  • Reanna Bronson

    Reanna Bronson

    5 months ago

    Trying to find a comment about the vote scene and LN2 ending

  • 수아!


    5 months ago

    Toast made Amongus what it is today.

  • Ashleigh Klein

    Ashleigh Klein

    5 months ago

    The pole animation is glorious🤣🤣🤣!!!

  • RADICPika


    5 months ago

    Question, am I the only person that hears "this guys toast" in his intro

  • meforever1997


    5 months ago

    Corpse throwing that shade on devs taking a long time 😂
    20:14 We’ll probably get that next year right? Actually let’s just text Otto

  • Jason Goodwill

    Jason Goodwill

    5 months ago

    He should do a challenge where he lured people into the shower task and kills them in there like old slasher movies

  • Daniel Ferus

    Daniel Ferus

    5 months ago

    thought you had 69,420 iq

  • Logan Bui

    Logan Bui

    5 months ago

    Im just glad dk isnt in it

  • Kajuo - Kuro

    Kajuo - Kuro

    5 months ago

    The pole dance is op

  • Katy Lora

    Katy Lora

    5 months ago

    The dependent leek respectively point because produce fittingly repeat over a disturbed butter. volatile, jealous selection

  • MadzAloha


    5 months ago

    I love the animation when poki said she was dancing on the pole😂

  • Sera


    5 months ago

    Can't imagine its gonna be 20k IQ soon! Can't wait for it toast :D

  • __yannaesthetic


    5 months ago

    I love watching Toast playing among us.

  • OfficialJamion


    5 months ago

    Isn't this the airship for the Emmanuelle films. :p

  • tridevvvxo


    5 months ago

    Eyy bro toast is chinese

  • Henry Townshend

    Henry Townshend

    5 months ago

    There no cyborg kill in video

  • iCeYfRoG 53

    iCeYfRoG 53

    5 months ago

    Why do people still play this game

  • corro202


    5 months ago

    Awesome content.

  • xRecyclebin


    5 months ago

    toast's IQ is getting bigger and bigger holy shit

  • Rudi Weatherup

    Rudi Weatherup

    5 months ago

    Wait I’ve just realised something did he get corpse to do his intro for him cos it sounds like his voice

  • Michelle Rabey

    Michelle Rabey

    5 months ago

    16:43 "What am I, chopped liver?" No Jack don't be silly, you're 'other Jack'! :D

  • Xianys Pereira

    Xianys Pereira

    5 months ago

    the safe is a hit or miss. when i have troubles with it i just exit out of the task so i can get new numbers. but they want you to be on the exact number that’s why it’s confusing a lil.

  • Evolution War

    Evolution War

    5 months ago

    Imagine people watching Disguised Toast God content just for him to play everything exceptionally smart in fun ways.
    God damn shrimps!
    Hi im Disguised God Shrimp :D!

  • Moni B

    Moni B

    5 months ago

    Toast, you are looking extra handsome! 😍❤️🥰

  • Zane


    5 months ago

    Does no one remember how lockers work? The safe is easy-

  • Aerofluff


    5 months ago

    Kudos to the animator for this gem. The Pokimane pole dancing (and the upside-down, lmfao)

  • kelsy tran

    kelsy tran

    5 months ago

    who else thinks toast is underrated?

  • Jenny Dreadful

    Jenny Dreadful

    5 months ago

    I replayed the pole dancing animation approx. 42 times.

  • The Anarchist

    The Anarchist

    5 months ago

    Watching Toast playing Brodin and Abe was like watching Palpatine playing both sides of the Clone Wars

  • Gabriella Amaya

    Gabriella Amaya

    5 months ago

    toast when he first plays on airship: “you gotta be a real creep to open all these restroom doors”
    toast now: *opens every door*

  • Mark Luis

    Mark Luis

    5 months ago

    Am I the only one who is not used to hear Sykkuno saying "It's not me"?

  • Tim Olliffe

    Tim Olliffe

    5 months ago

    I was today years old when I found out that Toast's intro says 'This Guy's Toast'

  • Keqing


    5 months ago

    0:33 that animation was fucking hilarious 😭☠️☠️☠️

  • Lucynnda Dreamer

    Lucynnda Dreamer

    5 months ago

    I thought the title meant the Cyborg mod UwU

  • TheNoSwearGuy


    5 months ago

    Pause at 25:13 what happened here?