BREAKING the game as the NEW 19,700 IQ EXECUTIONER... (custom mod)

Published on Apr 10, 2021
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Disguised Toast and friends stumble upon some unintentional behaviour in modded Among Us but that won't stop Toast from pulling off some Executioner plays. The Executioner is a Neutral role with the goal to vote out a target to win. But if the target dies you become either Jester or Crewmate.

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Edited by: otriggad

Disguised Toast
  • BunnYTehGamer


    6 days ago

    11:21 did anyone notice Abe and bnans among us name mixed up together and it looked like Abe's name was bAbes

  • Stocks


    9 days ago

    Gang violence at Great Britain 1806

  • Ysfitachi


    14 days ago

    what happens if executioners target is jester do they both win? or is it not possible

  • foxrii


    17 days ago

    11:20 bAbes

  • Yery


    18 days ago

    I love the scarf screaming Trans Rights

  • And I Oof

    And I Oof

    20 days ago

    11:21 bnans + Abe = bAbes



    26 days ago

    2:32 the best possible transition to ha disguised toast...

  • IamNinjaDodo


    Month ago

    new role: miner or electrician or something.
    ability: able to light up an area during lights sabo.

  • Mg 30

    Mg 30

    Month ago

    What happens if the executioners target is the only imposter left and they get voted out who wins crew or executioner

  • Dark Lover 21

    Dark Lover 21

    Month ago

    11:22 “bAbes” lmao

  • Dab Maste

    Dab Maste

    Month ago

    who laughed at This 11:22😂😂😂

  • Dyl Hyde

    Dyl Hyde

    Month ago

    myth is so unfunny

  • Quinn Selman

    Quinn Selman

    Month ago

    the scarfs are the coloursd of the trans flag and idk if it was intentional or not but as someone who is trans it did make me feel welcome and happy

  • Anchy I

    Anchy I

    Month ago


  • Erleon Garbutt

    Erleon Garbutt

    Month ago

    2:31 OWO

  • Game Time

    Game Time

    Month ago

    Let’s say there is a Executioner Jester and a Imposter left the executioner target is the jester so they vote of the jester. Who wins?
    The executioner for getting out the target.

    The jester for getting voted Out.
    The imposter because when there is two people left the imposter wins.

  • Grat3r


    Month ago

    11:21 "bAbes"

  • Daniel Huynh

    Daniel Huynh

    Month ago

    that counted

  • Tachagorn Kanaprach

    Tachagorn Kanaprach

    Month ago

    What if the taget is the jester who will win xdddd

  • Angeli Kengier

    Angeli Kengier

    Month ago

    The tired underpants notably turn because brazil topologically hover upon a lying click. irate, impolite reduction

  • Earl Jude

    Earl Jude

    Month ago

    11:21 did that just spell babes?

    • Danielle D

      Danielle D

      Month ago


  • Corey


    Month ago

    such a big brain he bugged the game to get voted out twice and win double as jester

  • AceNspades


    Month ago

    What if as executioner your target is a jester than who wins?

  • Rectrix 722

    Rectrix 722

    2 months ago

    Imagin having to execute the jester

  • Dushane Palmer

    Dushane Palmer

    2 months ago

    My bro :what u watching?
    Me: Ducks vs the Scarfs
    My bro: oh baseball??
    Me: N- yea yea baseball😒

  • minerliton


    2 months ago

    13:58 she was gonna say venting wasn't she

  • minerliton


    2 months ago

    woah the scarf design 😏



    2 months ago

    11:22 I thought there was babes

  • Indian 60hz god

    Indian 60hz god

    2 months ago

    11:21 bAbes

  • DRXFTxd


    2 months ago

    Xrd xddxc FF my phone was on on the the Zed red

    • DRXFTxd


      2 months ago

      Yeah lol bro bro yeah bud yeah lol lol oh oh no no thanks thanks homie I bet bet you you you guys guys have

  • lex_ya_boi


    2 months ago

    Toast: Keep Jodi alive!
    Toast (1 second later): Ok, Jodi needs to die.
    Me: 🤣

  • SAP Bird

    SAP Bird

    2 months ago

    When quaterJad is at office and no one is near
    TimeLord:uses skill
    Toast:29473729 IQ movd

  • M Zidane F A

    M Zidane F A

    2 months ago

    6:45 that smile

  • Cyak


    2 months ago


  • a male octoling who escaped kambo co

    a male octoling who escaped kambo co

    2 months ago

    executioner town of salam wants to know ur location

  • sunless Jack

    sunless Jack

    2 months ago

    wait how do you talk to each other

  • Just some Guy who is a Saitama For fun

    Just some Guy who is a Saitama For fun

    2 months ago

    Yo toast can u give us the custom mod link?

  • Ur Dad

    Ur Dad

    2 months ago

    I wonder if they ever noticed that it was the trans flag on the scarfs

  • Gabriel Zubel

    Gabriel Zubel

    2 months ago

    11:22 bAbes

  • taeleaf


    2 months ago

    The annoying theory externally succeed because comparison advantageously type per a roomy book. fresh, interesting woman

  • Will Raquel

    Will Raquel

    3 months ago

    The hapless rod pathophysiologically kill because detail quantitatively sack via a craven rectangle. gorgeous, tame objective

  • Merlinda Ilagan

    Merlinda Ilagan

    3 months ago

    Can we appreciate that Edisonparklive made the mods

  • The cheese god

    The cheese god

    3 months ago


  • Rajay Allwood

    Rajay Allwood

    3 months ago

    Question what if when the game starts the person he has to vote out is jester I mean who wins at that point 😂🤷🏾‍♂️

  • babyslayer VODS

    babyslayer VODS

    3 months ago

    stay with the person the entire first round, then when they say they were with you, say, "no you werent" and they will have sus

  • Nimish Kumar

    Nimish Kumar

    3 months ago

    Why doesn't toast upload any videos on YT anymore?

  • taeleaf


    3 months ago

    The second hose electrophoretically book because cake multivariately whisper atop a cowardly biology. shy, obscene direction

  • Ahmed Maaiz Mahir

    Ahmed Maaiz Mahir

    3 months ago

    11:22 bAbes
    Hahahah 😂😂🤣🤣

  • Leo Nickles

    Leo Nickles

    3 months ago

    one sec
    what if exeicuciners target is the jester

  • Ciaonte Young

    Ciaonte Young

    3 months ago

    The wry oval roughly reply because drink accidentally prevent as a devilish rhythm. satisfying, encouraging geese

  • Aveangelo42 Gaming

    Aveangelo42 Gaming

    3 months ago

    bnans and abe's name mixed and it turned into babes lmao

  • DC Carriere

    DC Carriere

    3 months ago

    Amazing how many people love such a buggy game.

  • Alex


    3 months ago

    Poki at 14:20 just nails it damn

  • SitDownKid


    4 months ago

    19:06 if he would’ve walked just a bit more to the left he would’ve known it was Jodi

  • Deizelf


    4 months ago

    this it such a high iq play
    I'd say probably next to where he tricked hafu

  • Twisted Code

    Twisted Code

    4 months ago

    10:15 I feel like this is a bit of a gray area to mislead Lily about the RULES of the game. It's one thing to socially engineer your friends into thinking something subjective, such as their vision, is wrong, but this is a misrepresentation of an empirical fact. Even if it was acceptable play within 's lobby, it REALLY wasn't nice :-(

  • Rei


    4 months ago

    9:10 so many people* not so much

  • Victora Johnson

    Victora Johnson

    4 months ago

    God bless!

  • EAD


    4 months ago

    did anyone else notice that when disguised toast actually sounds like this guy is toast

  • WDFrosty


    4 months ago

    Why is toast so good at big braining people

  • Allofthegoodnameswheretaken


    4 months ago

    Imagine the executioners victim is a lover :)

  • Sweet euthanasia

    Sweet euthanasia

    4 months ago


  • Christopher K

    Christopher K

    4 months ago

    11:22 bAbes

  • Goldengamer18 _

    Goldengamer18 _

    4 months ago

    11:22 babes

  • xReaper_YT


    4 months ago

    Sometimes i hear "Disguised Toast" As "This Guy's Toast" is it just me?

    • xReaper_YT


      4 months ago

      @hi person i said "Sometimes I hear Disguised Toast As This Guys Toast

    • xReaper_YT


      4 months ago

      @hi person I know

    • hi person

      hi person

      4 months ago

      Wait it’s not “this guy toast” 😦

  • Chrysan themum

    Chrysan themum

    4 months ago

    *Q U A C K*

  • Orora Sarkar

    Orora Sarkar

    4 months ago

    Toast : Oh! I need a screwdriver!!
    Me : Why do you need a screwdriver?????

  • Victoria Winsor

    Victoria Winsor

    4 months ago

    today on we take town of salem roles and put them in among us lmaooo 😫

  • Mohammad Memon

    Mohammad Memon

    4 months ago

    What wait what the what the heck is happinging he got voted out twice what the hell hahahahahahahhahahahahhahah but he still won HHHHHAHAHAHHAHAHA

  • community_ escape

    community_ escape

    4 months ago

    Clearing Jodi to become Jester was a genius play

  • Mint Cabbit

    Mint Cabbit

    4 months ago

    The trans scarves 🥰

  • Jetcay


    4 months ago

    19,700 IQ what???

  • Ferraz


    4 months ago

    Theoretically speaking, what would happen if the executioner had to vote out the jester?

    • ShiiGyy


      3 months ago

      It's programmed to pick a crewmate so it wouldnt happen 🙂

  • cndke


    4 months ago


  • SweetNightmares


    4 months ago

    In the second game with Poki and June who was the imposter?

  • SweetNightmares


    4 months ago

    *Game breaks*
    Also game: you deserve the win though

  • bluemew22


    4 months ago

    Toast won as Jester in a game that had Jester turned off. This man's IQ warps the very fabric of time and space!!

  • Maria Amina

    Maria Amina

    4 months ago

    once again, i absolutely love Toast

  • Ninjahaz 01

    Ninjahaz 01

    4 months ago

    so they made among us into town of Salem, that's pretty neat

  • Intrepid


    4 months ago

    Toast finds, YET ANOTHER WAY TO WIN!

  • Felix


    4 months ago

    Toast doing tasks? Shocking

  • Amira Zulaikha

    Amira Zulaikha

    4 months ago

    How did Toast even know on the last round wtf

  • Gamer- Ninja

    Gamer- Ninja

    5 months ago

    Wait I wanna know what if the man supposedly vote the personae target but he/she a jester

    • Gamer- Ninja

      Gamer- Ninja

      5 months ago


  • Random Something

    Random Something

    5 months ago

    The coincidence is my name is jester

  • Biipo 3431

    Biipo 3431

    5 months ago

    Among us = Town of Salem the game

  • Danelys Abreu

    Danelys Abreu

    5 months ago

    Scarfians vs Duckborne

  • hope rz

    hope rz

    5 months ago

    How do i find these among us modes

  • Rachel Lynn

    Rachel Lynn

    5 months ago

    It’d actually be a really cool mod if the first person to die had the chance to be revived if the next person voted off was their killer. 🤔

  • MysteryCloakist


    5 months ago

    What if you needed to get a jester voted out, who wins?

  • Lennon Raj

    Lennon Raj

    5 months ago

    I hate pokimane ngl

  • tubetimppa


    5 months ago

    You got voted out because there was a tiebreaker modifier on someone

  • ReferToMeAsKyle


    5 months ago

    Scarf gang says trans rights

  • Cassy Sida

    Cassy Sida

    5 months ago

    but why waaas poki lying about hJune and bein sus

  • T Tyler

    T Tyler

    5 months ago

    Why isnt he calling himself Perry the platapus

  • Bella Yu

    Bella Yu

    5 months ago

    r u sure it's a duck bill not a platypus bill lmao

  • imbob


    5 months ago

    thats a duck bill?? i thought that was a gorilla with his smug mouth

  • FLame / CORPSE Husband shrimp

    FLame / CORPSE Husband shrimp

    5 months ago

    “I don’t know who the impostor is. I’m just gonna do my tasks.”
    Um...Toast? What the hel- 😟

  • Demon ?

    Demon ?

    5 months ago

    Pause the video at 11:21, it says babes! XD

  • Dillon Meyer

    Dillon Meyer

    5 months ago

    Just had an idea for a modded role. The Impostor Impostor.
    Your name is red to the impostors and you appear on their team screen at the start, but you don't know who they are. You have impostor vision, but can't kill. Your goal is to get all other impostors dead but yourself. You can't be killed by other impostors and you must be slain by a neutral role or voted. Revealing roles reveal you as an impostor.

  • HO5TIL3


    5 months ago

    What happens if the executioners target is the jester?