countering IMPOSTORS with lightspeed SHERIFF strats... (custom mod)

Published on Apr 15, 2021
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Disguised Toast and friends make return stop on Polus where Toast gets slightly unfortunate as Mafioso. But when he gets assigned Sheriff, it's time to bring out the serious tactics: "Don't Touch Me, I'll kill you!"

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Intro soundtrack composed by: Fabian Del Priore (Rapture)
Edited & Animated by: Frosturne

Disguised Toast
  • CM


    8 days ago

    poor Tina lol

  • Fishie 😇

    Fishie 😇

    8 days ago

    Just in case nobody understood the joke in the beginning, “oso” in Spanish means Bear, and the bear killed him

  • Dane Jensen-Huot

    Dane Jensen-Huot

    9 days ago

    "don't touch me, ill kill you" he even talks like a cop

  • coffee cat

    coffee cat

    10 days ago

    'dont come near me ill stab you'
    'dont touch me ill kill you'


  • Thomas


    14 days ago

    Toast: Alright I’m d mafioso
    What Poki heard: My time has come

  • Jacoryx d

    Jacoryx d

    17 days ago

    Pov: toast waiting for everybody to stop talking so he can talk 😐

  • StyledHerb


    18 days ago

    Tina is cute and kinda worried about her. She can be so easily deceived... she has to trust herself more.

  • Su Su

    Su Su

    19 days ago

    Toast chanting "Don't touch me I'll kill you" is my internal dialogue when I'm out in public

  • The Monocle Guy

    The Monocle Guy

    29 days ago

    I just realized Toast changed all of his among us video's title :(

  • Johnrey Sabillo

    Johnrey Sabillo

    Month ago

    Was Jodi jester???

  • Orzew


    Month ago

    Tina, most annoying voice out there........

  • PNM classic

    PNM classic

    Month ago

    Now among us is TTT
    Or MM

  • Omer Sajid

    Omer Sajid

    Month ago

    them not letting toast talk in round 1 was annoying

  • Maria Crawford

    Maria Crawford

    Month ago

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  • Laza


    Month ago


  • Vinny


    Month ago

    *Buttons* LOUD NOISES!!!

  • Lovina Vargas-Carriedo

    Lovina Vargas-Carriedo

    Month ago

    Corpse skimping over angry Tina 👌👌

  • get nae naed

    get nae naed

    Month ago

    poor tina she always gets bullied lmao

  • Xavier Xin

    Xavier Xin

    Month ago

    I also like episode where you torture tina

  • Tornadogift


    Month ago

    Whos john

  • Annoying


    Month ago

    Toast wont reveal his secret..
    cuz they didnt trust 100%🤣

  • Pzor 1313

    Pzor 1313

    2 months ago

    Let’s go, Tina! Lol

  • PeaceThruFire


    2 months ago

    God I don’t like pokis play style, she is always taking it too serious and never letting anyone have fun because she thinks she’s good when in reality everyone else is just playing for fun, toast has caught people and let them live because he wants them to have fun, and Hafus lobby banned spawn killing, imagine having a 20+ crew mate streak just to be spawned killed with the lucky person laughing in your face

    • Disguised Otaku

      Disguised Otaku

      Month ago

      I don’t like poki

  • حياه جميله

    حياه جميله

    2 months ago

    Poki is really smart, actually very smart I get why toast like to kill her and hafu first.

  • Citrus


    2 months ago

    Toast shouldve known its poki because poki said she was at lab when toast was atnlab the whole game,poki was also the only person fixing lights which most imposters fix in order to look innocent,and as toast was hiding in decom poki was there running from lights and that might be the reason sykunno died poki was on her way to a room with a vent

  • Joe Silveira

    Joe Silveira

    2 months ago

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  • gorg


    2 months ago


  • I just realized how much I use sauce

    I just realized how much I use sauce

    2 months ago

    0:50 holding back tears and suicial thoughts in that “LETS GOOOO!”

  • Mika Dacanay

    Mika Dacanay

    2 months ago

    Lol tina

  • notthetought


    2 months ago

    hey can you play among us with a little bit more vision

  • Gleam


    3 months ago

    I love how you can still hear the clicked and clacks at the speed up parts

  • GDS Leebie

    GDS Leebie

    3 months ago

    “Alright I’m the Mafioso… So”
    Dies immediately

  • Twisted Code

    Twisted Code

    3 months ago

    Poor Tina always draws the short straw with toast. You know that's bordering on cruel right toast? At the same time, she does need more practice with her deductive reasoning, so I don't actually fault you for it :-)
    I'm going to miss these "friendly conversation in the corner"s with "anyone but Tina, usually", even as relatively predictable as they've become (they normally don't get uploaded unless the "decider" gets it right or something extraordinary happens)

  • Twisted Code

    Twisted Code

    3 months ago

    3:15 "take her out! Sleepy put her to sleep!" ~Sykkuno

  • cikheca ritukku

    cikheca ritukku

    3 months ago

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  • Cam_shaft_06 /TTV

    Cam_shaft_06 /TTV

    3 months ago

    Toast:Don't touch me or I kill you
    Lime:OH hello the-

  • yiban di

    yiban di

    3 months ago

    Tina's shaking voice saying "hello" at the end with no one replying was so cute... hahaha

  • taeleaf


    3 months ago

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  • Jack Reinhardt

    Jack Reinhardt

    3 months ago

    At 7:38 Masayoshi disappeared so he was probably Swooper

  • Edi Loshi

    Edi Loshi

    3 months ago

    The earthy burglar progressively desert because quotation macroscopically pull unlike a ambitious spear. invincible, clever roast

  • sajheka hesebliq

    sajheka hesebliq

    4 months ago

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  • Zedrik Allen

    Zedrik Allen

    4 months ago

    10:48 Woman moment

  • Taighborius Malrarn

    Taighborius Malrarn

    4 months ago

    Tina doesn't have the stomach for this game lol. It's too much for her mentally and physically.

  • Joseph Kiernan

    Joseph Kiernan

    4 months ago

    I will admit I thought it was Jodi right up to when Poki killed Toast !!!

  • William


    4 months ago

    Can someone explain how they get the mafiosos? They are playing with the town of us mod but on github the mafiosos are not included??

  • Zexal Digisaiyan Ash

    Zexal Digisaiyan Ash

    4 months ago

    Let's all just appreciate the intro moment right there. Poki freaking deserved that. No lie.

  • Asdfizzle


    4 months ago

    Feels like Toast always just want to makes things entertaining instead of winning

  • Asdfizzle


    4 months ago

    0:05 This is so funny XD
    How he was so happy and then so defeated

  • Hugo ter Hoeven

    Hugo ter Hoeven

    4 months ago

    what is the intro song called?

  • SaraLovesYou


    4 months ago

    "Don't come near me I stab you." *X100000*

    *Kills John evil smirk*

  • SaraLovesYou


    4 months ago

    "There are vents in the game?" - John 2021 LOL

  • SaraLovesYou


    4 months ago

    "Are you really playing the game Tina?" - Poki 2021 :D

  • Trimsk


    4 months ago

    After Toast's body was reported, Poki had no chance. If Jodi got voted out, she'd win as Jester. And if Poki got voted out, she would have lost either way.

  • Khate Tol

    Khate Tol

    4 months ago

    The 1st round is so damn loud goodness

  • Khate Tol

    Khate Tol

    4 months ago

    The 1st round is so damn loud goodness

  • Pardra Her

    Pardra Her

    4 months ago

    Lmao sheriff, imposter, jester and crew 🤣👌

  • G Smith

    G Smith

    4 months ago

    Loud noises!!!

  • Wanderson Lima

    Wanderson Lima

    4 months ago

    That ending was tense

  • Space V

    Space V

    4 months ago

    weird that toast didnt sus poki in this one, seemed obvious to me

  • Scarykiller 1

    Scarykiller 1

    4 months ago

    What happened with the IQ titles >:(

  • ManlyMinotaur99 Gaming

    ManlyMinotaur99 Gaming

    4 months ago

    Cute poki picking up a gun and just killing toast with it was hilarious

  • jmhadahorse


    4 months ago

    Poki is always the most annoying part of every game, I just hear that one time she used the N word on stream ringing in my ears.

  • Dustin Sylvester

    Dustin Sylvester

    4 months ago

    Surprised john didn't comment about toast insta-gibbing him in specimen after the game ended.

  • LukasM1911


    4 months ago

    FIRE plays ❤❤ toast

  • Sam Shaw

    Sam Shaw

    4 months ago

    You should have a rule that if the jester is one of the last three, they vote with crew. Otherwise you can wind up in a situation where everyone knows who everyone else is, but with no path to be able to win.

  • MMike08


    4 months ago

    Counter imposters win

  • sazuke8991


    4 months ago

    I wish we got to hear Johns reaction to this kill :D

  • DragonHybrid999


    4 months ago

    for the last game when it was on four couldn't they have voted out poki and then have toast sheriff kill jodie?

  • arch3223


    4 months ago

    There has been no meeting better than the one where Tina starts yelling at everyone and Corpse cheers her on.



    4 months ago

    fuslie be like : so you got toast as impostor LETSS FREAKING GOOO!!
    meanwhile fuslie as impostor: i need to kill this bitch

  • Shadow_Gamer


    5 months ago

    Good job Tina my queen

  • Mark Tebbetts

    Mark Tebbetts

    5 months ago

    That was pretty dirty of Poki. If you have an agreement to meet in weapons then you need to follow through or tell them you aren't doing it so they can play the regular way. She tried to be sneaky and pull a fast one on the. Ms Poki "cheat to win" Mane

  • Mark Tebbetts

    Mark Tebbetts

    5 months ago

    "Noooo, she's jester, don't you see!" LOL friggin Tina with her adorable voice

  • VerticalPug Studios

    VerticalPug Studios

    5 months ago


  • Ld Tuna

    Ld Tuna

    5 months ago

    Legend says, Toast is still saying "don't touch me I'll kill you."

  • Rocky28447


    5 months ago

    tina is so precious

  • Polar


    5 months ago


  • Miku Desu

    Miku Desu

    5 months ago

    spawn killing really isnt cool nobody haves fun with that

  • ItzFruitless


    5 months ago


  • Average Josh

    Average Josh

    5 months ago


  • Egg


    5 months ago

    16:38 Toast’s uwu voice

  • Brandon Diaz

    Brandon Diaz

    5 months ago

    Y did he not just kill one and see what happens

  • ZinHit Got All Jams

    ZinHit Got All Jams

    5 months ago

    The CHAOS guyz! 😆😆

  • LGDsanak


    5 months ago

    7:38 green disappeared

  • Chosen One

    Chosen One

    5 months ago

    Pokimane definitely stream snipes to see who imposters are

  • ilySohber


    5 months ago

    Toast looks like he would be a pro at osu

  • Bri R

    Bri R

    5 months ago

    I don’t think I’ll stop saying “don’t touch me I’ll kill u” LOL

  • Xuan Bach Lai

    Xuan Bach Lai

    5 months ago

    Jodi's a chad :)

  • Darth Revan

    Darth Revan

    5 months ago

    This is now just a watered down version of town of Salem. People play this when they’re too stupid to pick up on social clues and unable to analyze what others around them say. Toast is smart. And I think he’d do great on TOS. But the rest of these retards would fuck the game up every single time.

  • ok


    5 months ago


  • alex justice

    alex justice

    5 months ago

    A man plays video games for his own content. A TRUE man plays video games for other people's content.

  • joren schoonbrood

    joren schoonbrood

    5 months ago

    is there pov of masayoshi getting killed?

  • clarkevander


    5 months ago

    Emergency meeting
    Sykkuno: "what's the meaning of this meeting?"
    With that voice and conviction, I was a little scared, in a good way. He's grown.

  • SkyWorld AVEN

    SkyWorld AVEN

    5 months ago

    Was so proud of Tina here and Jodie letting the crewmates win

  • Madison Park

    Madison Park

    5 months ago

    tina's brain in that last game.. i totally thought it was jade

  • OddPoppet Esq.

    OddPoppet Esq.

    5 months ago

    That intro had me dying of laughter.... Pokis a freaking menace to Toast 🤣
    Now I understand why Toast kills poki, shes too powerful to be kept alive 🤣🤣🤣

  • adrian


    5 months ago

    poki been on toast for a while now, toast gonna have to shake her off no cap

  • Aztra Nine

    Aztra Nine

    5 months ago

    Girls are way to loud with this game...

  • Noir


    5 months ago

    Toast shoulda voted poki and then killed Jodi

  • Chris Qiu

    Chris Qiu

    5 months ago

    dude how many enemies does toast have? jodi leslie syd...