ESCAPING all sus as the INVISIBLE SWOOPER role... (custom mod)

Published on Apr 21, 2021
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Disguised Toast returns with more swooping gameplay as the invisible Swooper. An impostor with the special ability to go temporarily invisible.

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Edited & Animated by: _4our_

Disguised Toast
  • GoldnMike


    12 days ago

    Did anyone realize at 8:36 Sydeon said "I didn't even know Toast was there." but at 7:50 (46 seconds earlier) Sydeon said, "Toast, what did you see"? Which meant she was an imposter. She basically called herself out there but I don't think many people realized. How can you call out and ask what someone saw if you didn't know they were there and the vision is limited (lights off)?

  • YoboyLEM


    17 days ago

    7 mins 32 saw myth or syd kill leslie :D at least it looked that way... toast literally saw myth and sydeon locked in a room together...... and didnt say a word!!!!

  • I’m a dog

    I’m a dog

    28 days ago

    That was easy to tell that sydeon kill in front of lights

  • Mallory SF

    Mallory SF

    Month ago

    Toast staying silent makes everyone go crazy. XD

  • Oscar Harrison

    Oscar Harrison

    Month ago

    I hate Wendy

    Wen deez nuts on yo face

  • HandCannonYT


    Month ago

    everyone: watching the among us
    me: looking how delicious the food toast is eating 😋

  • Lust 4 Chaos

    Lust 4 Chaos

    Month ago

    I love how Toast is just chilling and eating noodles as he's impostor and he's letting his friends sus each other out, fucking mood 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Brad Smith

    Brad Smith

    Month ago

    Imagine just giving your channel and career away

  • Danielle D

    Danielle D

    Month ago


  • RadiatedSheep


    2 months ago

    Oof it bugs me when toast with holds info or maybe he just didnt see myth. Cause you could clearly see myth and syd by a door due to the highlight snd they were both in weapons and when the doors open syd was dead

  • Alpha_NoobsYT


    2 months ago

    Is nobody gonna talk about how tina looked like a pink thumb?

  • Connor Clarke

    Connor Clarke

    2 months ago

    I feel like Koreans are incapable of feeling most emotion

  • Almighty Nugget

    Almighty Nugget

    2 months ago

    I only just realized "disguised toast" sounds like,"this guy's toast"

  • Young T

    Young T

    3 months ago

    Lol they all so slow at the end first Sykkuno says: “If I were imposter I would kill Jack next” and then jacks dead lol why he knew they forgot so he just begged them to vote him off 😂 Love this group SWOOP

  • Erica Candy

    Erica Candy

    3 months ago

    13:26 how didn’t Toast see Myth with Sydeon in weapons wtf? It was so obvious

  • SA


    3 months ago

    Why did 338 people dislike this? Its so good!

  • Narri L

    Narri L

    3 months ago

    3:29 Layton vs Wright?! PROPS!!!!!

  • NonStopGaming101


    3 months ago

    Everyone freaking out and theres toast doing mukbang lol this man got no chills

  • Jake Fukuda

    Jake Fukuda

    3 months ago

    Tina is the girl version of morty

  • Samuel Peters

    Samuel Peters

    3 months ago

    10:31 did anyone see in the background that that “dvd” on the TV hit the corner perfectly. Or is that normal?

    • Frankie Tea

      Frankie Tea

      3 months ago

      normal, but it’s pretty

  • TimlosesHP


    3 months ago

    Bruh toast just casually eating while they argue lol 😆

  • Reediculos - Stream and Gameplay

    Reediculos - Stream and Gameplay

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  • Claudia Pose

    Claudia Pose

    4 months ago

    I wanted to scream when toast didn’t accuse myth of syd’s kill cause he didn’t see them in the bottom of his screen when they were opening the weapons door I was like TOAST YOU HAD TO OF SEEN THEM 😩😓
    toast is a great swooper tho 🙏🏼

  • Rudra Trivedi

    Rudra Trivedi

    4 months ago

    So boring

  • UNforgiven 64

    UNforgiven 64

    4 months ago

    And he was just sitting there ... staring ... menacingly

  • Charlotte Oakley

    Charlotte Oakley

    4 months ago

    When Syd died It was SO obvious it was myth cause I litterally saw them togther AT WEAPONS, when toast passed by. Then the body was reported 5-10 seconds after toast passed there.

  • theboneisin


    4 months ago

    so the trick is to eat

  • Vish


    4 months ago

    who asked

  • GucciCowboy


    4 months ago

    Myth obviously killed sydeon, you probably didn't see it but yellow and black were stuck in weapons as toast walked by, 2 seconds later Black's body gets called

  • Buccha M

    Buccha M

    4 months ago

    13:28 myth sneaking up on syd` 8 secs later shes dead

  • •3•W•O•R•D•S#ONLY


    4 months ago

    Haha Tina 🤣 That's Disguised Toast GG!

  • Javier Oranday

    Javier Oranday

    4 months ago

    Lmao I like how toast just started tracing the “who is the impostor?” While listening 17:19

  • Elijah Nye

    Elijah Nye

    4 months ago

    Jack says “toast came in from the left” in specimen when he found johns body. How did jack know that? Impostor vision?

  • Bhryx Libarnes

    Bhryx Libarnes

    4 months ago

    " Lesbians get sliced in half "
    For now on, the captions are now proven of being homophobic.

  • Twisted Code

    Twisted Code

    4 months ago

    2:30 You just like torturing us don't you? Personally I'd prefer to see you eject someone if you have a pretty good hunch about them; as long as you're not winning so often that no one can get a win against you, I don't see the harm?

  • Twisted Code

    Twisted Code

    4 months ago

    13:10 yeah but if Jodi is the swooper, and you saw her running away from lights before the stack kill, she would've had double back to make that kill, and furthermore get really lucky for 3 people to be stacked at the time (plus you). so if she is, that means Syd/Myth is most likely her partner.

  • Twisted Code

    Twisted Code

    4 months ago

    7:22 If I play the video back in slow motion, it looks like Syd positioned herself in order to stack with myth (who wasn't moving because he was presumably opening the doors), but it is also possible Myth was faking opening the doors and got lucky with Syd's motion. Either way, I don't think she had to move onto the stack, so the fact she did is sus and the fact I can't even tell who did it with slow-motion means well played to the impostor, whoever it is! (unless it was the Swooper, in which case deception like this is kind of part of their toolbox anyway)

  • jorden hale

    jorden hale

    4 months ago

    At 13:28 he literally saw myth with Sidney and 2 seconds later she’s reported and he says he’s in labs

  • -Ohokk0-


    4 months ago

    i miss proximity chat :(

  • Catch this K.A.B!

    Catch this K.A.B!

    4 months ago

    TOAST STOP LOOKING CUTE!! I’m freakin Taken! Ok!! 😭😂

  • Nolxfe


    4 months ago

    17:22 toast casually writing backwards

  • Legal Loli Witch

    Legal Loli Witch

    4 months ago

    Don't mess with Toast when he has food. Got it

  • Charles Rieken

    Charles Rieken

    4 months ago

    First time I have ever down-voted a video for Toast 😓, I couldn’t handle listening to Abe chewing into his mic like a cow for 24 minutes. Use your head man, at least have the courtesy to use push-to-talk.

  • Duncan Bubbles

    Duncan Bubbles

    4 months ago

    Idk I haven’t been here for long but this is my first time seeing Toast look into the camera and I gotta say I felt a little bit scared and intimidated

  • Cynister


    4 months ago

    Tina cosplaying as 5up is so adorable.

  • Pascal L

    Pascal L

    4 months ago


  • Hovthegod30


    4 months ago

    14:25 lol

  • Anusha Lamsal

    Anusha Lamsal

    4 months ago

    Valkyrae: *accuses lesley*
    Toast: *shrugs*

  • sadseaphantom


    4 months ago

    Toast doesn't need words anymore, he's grown too powerful.

  • Operation Search Gate

    Operation Search Gate

    4 months ago

    Still only among us?

  • random person

    random person

    4 months ago

    where is the 20,000 my ADHD won't be able to hold any longer.don't tell me its gonna be the last one

  • Martin Christensen

    Martin Christensen

    4 months ago

    Toast just casually eating!

  • ros tom

    ros tom

    4 months ago

    I always say the best among us player is sykkuno ..if he stop trolling no one can stop him ...but we like him as he is

  • DreamC


    4 months ago

    We need more of that chewing sound... It is sooo infuriating...

  • cooki3_pxpシ


    4 months ago

    Use your big quack brain
    -Spedicey(Jack) 2021

  • Cosmic Waves

    Cosmic Waves

    4 months ago

    Man didnt snitch on myth around 13:30 lmaooooo

  • Daniel DoloDubs

    Daniel DoloDubs

    4 months ago

    Sydney:"it wasn't me, toast what did you see?"
    Also Sydney:"I didnt even know toast was there, but its definitely not me."

  • Tara Nicole Pearson

    Tara Nicole Pearson

    4 months ago

    13:27 Toast I can’t believe you didn’t see Syd and Myth together before she died!

  • Srcsqwrn


    4 months ago

    Toasts reaction at the end, so funny

  • steffenml


    4 months ago

    Toast might be the slowest eater in the world.

  • cupcake


    4 months ago

    Toast is so intimidating....dude really sat there and ate his noodles while getting accused and said nothing and yet managed to survive. 😂

  • Alicia


    4 months ago

    Sometimes toast is so smart it seems like he has a super power where he just knows everything

  • BearJoyner00


    4 months ago

    Deltarune music? or am I crazy?

    • BearJoyner00


      4 months ago

      @xd SideSlash Thanks, I was pretty sure it was Toby, and it didn't sound like it was from Undertale, so I assumed Deltarune.

    • xd SideSlash

      xd SideSlash

      4 months ago

      yeah School by Toby Fox

  • Wil Cao

    Wil Cao

    4 months ago

    Watching toast eating makes me feel hungry. 🤣

  • Qwrtvhbf Mfgbdyvfyh

    Qwrtvhbf Mfgbdyvfyh

    4 months ago


  • LowFPSman


    4 months ago

    Toast is too old for big brain now days...

  • Lilys Offline

    Lilys Offline

    4 months ago


  • Joe Fresh

    Joe Fresh

    4 months ago

    what game is this? I came for the asmr noodle eating stream

  • PanDan1321


    4 months ago

    17:51 Sykunno and Brooke synced TwT "uh"

  • lolbob999999 Plus 1

    lolbob999999 Plus 1

    4 months ago

    Question; What is Jodi’s profile picture???

  • GS MrOctopus

    GS MrOctopus

    4 months ago

    I just realized it sounds like corpse does his intro

  • Twilight Armor

    Twilight Armor

    4 months ago

    I bet toast will eat the whole chopstick in the next video

  • ۵acacia۵


    4 months ago

    20:10 "i feel like there's no risk"
    why did i immediately thing of Yumeko from kakegurui

  • 1TzT3ddy


    4 months ago

    I like how in basically most of the first round, hes just eating😂

  • Green Grass Gaming

    Green Grass Gaming

    4 months ago

    I like how he just eats noodles casually why everyone is yelling at each other slapping on those accusations

  • Ella Jacob

    Ella Jacob

    4 months ago

    I was convinced it was Spedicey when he knew that Toast entered speci from the left! Lights were out and Toast swung around under the table. Was helllllbent on Jack!

  • dangitNicky


    4 months ago

    God that stir fry looks so fucking good...

  • Lucas D

    Lucas D

    4 months ago

    For those of you wondering the music at 7:15 and onwards is « School » from the Deltarune OST. Enjoy my friends :)

  • Typickle


    4 months ago


  • Maria Amina

    Maria Amina

    4 months ago

    i love toast :(

  • Satvik Kilambi

    Satvik Kilambi

    4 months ago

    It's been a while Ash's played in this lobby

  • Scott Patton

    Scott Patton

    4 months ago

    Dislike just cause ppl need to stop eating into mics

  • Jacklyn Cervantes

    Jacklyn Cervantes

    4 months ago

    Everyone arguing, sussing toast for being silent..
    Toast: no one gonna stop me from eating..😋

  • Ben


    4 months ago


  • Cambrie


    4 months ago

    I love how Tina is hard core accusing toast and he's just eating some food listening to what she's got to say lmao

  • General 71

    General 71

    4 months ago

    Toast: *literally doesn't say a word*
    Everyone: "I don't think it's him, I think it's Tina"

  • ryan zheng

    ryan zheng

    4 months ago


  • Funkey Munkey

    Funkey Munkey

    4 months ago

    if i was ever in these among us games I would win!

  • Marcy MM

    Marcy MM

    4 months ago

    So, the Among Us series is about to end. Can't wait for toast's next big game tho

  • no name owes

    no name owes

    4 months ago

    ik a good game to play toast, its calld town of salem

  • sanny


    4 months ago

    Can you change your content to vanilla minecraft lets play or modedd minecraft pls?

  • Connor Rosekrans

    Connor Rosekrans

    4 months ago

    Play a random game you love and let me watch it already

  • Maidy Remigio

    Maidy Remigio

    4 months ago

    I liked sykkuno more when he was a simp ti everyone. now its just getting.... nvm.

  • I love marvel 1

    I love marvel 1

    4 months ago

    I knew that sykkuno was imposter even before toast thought Jodi was swooper

  • Christian Sarabia

    Christian Sarabia

    4 months ago

    Where is 20,000 IQ

  • Greg Riehl

    Greg Riehl

    4 months ago

    Can you get an editor that knows "might've" VS "might of"?

    • Lucas D

      Lucas D

      4 months ago

      Yeah right? So fucking annoying

  • Yasir Ali

    Yasir Ali

    4 months ago

    Toast its been a week, please give the 20000 iq video. 😭

  • vizquel


    4 months ago

    I love how Toast won an argument when he didn’t even say a word.

  • MyThoughtsBelow


    4 months ago

    0:20 Toast is like Rick and Tina is like Morty.

    *Rick the evil genius teaching his protege lessons, while Morty stutters his way to insanity and sociopathy.*

  • Kevin Clause4p55p

    Kevin Clause4p55p

    4 months ago