hiding my role for the SURPRISE SHERIFF CLUTCH... (custom mod)

Published on Apr 23, 2021
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Disguised Toast stays under the radar when assigned the Sheriff role to sniff out the impostors and finish the job.

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Intro soundtrack composed by: Fabian Del Priore (Rapture)
Edited & Animated by: Frosturne

Disguised Toast
  • Andrew G

    Andrew G

    6 days ago

    it's ok Unions typically suck just like big government

  • Dori Dor

    Dori Dor

    6 days ago

    What skin are they wearing?

  • Not Harry

    Not Harry

    7 days ago


  • SłKO


    17 days ago

    Cowards I tell you, COWARDS!!!!

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    Monkey D. Luffy

    17 days ago


  • Evol the gachatuber

    Evol the gachatuber

    28 days ago


  • Kevin Gregory

    Kevin Gregory

    Month ago

    When u were jester u could have won

  • B. R. Supreme-Constitution

    B. R. Supreme-Constitution

    Month ago

    7:40 Wendy is hilarious. "Toast is the government!"

  • Casual Amer

    Casual Amer

    Month ago

    She assassinated an anti-unioner
    There's some allegory to that

  • ZappyKyler2


    2 months ago

    10:45 what if he won that first meeting coz they saying "VOTE TOAST!!!!"

  • Charbel Fghale

    Charbel Fghale

    2 months ago

    I sused wondy and christopher at first then i was sure it was wondy on second meeting because of clearance of first meeting toast was not with them but he said he was with abe and the other imp

  • Vo Quoc Tru

    Vo Quoc Tru

    2 months ago

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  • chuanwang zhang

    chuanwang zhang

    3 months ago

    angry Gggrrrrr Digsted Toast

  • chillask


    3 months ago

    Does anyone thinks abe and scarra's voice sounds very similar???

  • Lila Galbreth

    Lila Galbreth

    3 months ago

    ( ꈍᴗꈍ)

  • Taco


    3 months ago

    Tbh I thought I was subscribed a year ago but I guess I wasn't

  • Taco


    3 months ago

    I loved the animation in the beginning

  • issac micah

    issac micah

    3 months ago

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  • Vo Quoc Tru

    Vo Quoc Tru

    3 months ago

    The flagrant french appropriately cry because weight rheologically sprout than a easy downtown. towering, half honey

  • Reediculos - Stream and Gameplay

    Reediculos - Stream and Gameplay

    4 months ago

    Free Palestine
    Free Palestine
    Free Palestine

    we support you Palestine we support humanity

    if you dont support or raise your voice agasint oppression , ONE DAY , those extremist will HIT our own land and do the same ,
    and then the world wont stand with if u dont support palestine and support Humanity now.


    u will be blessed

  • Dicky Febrian

    Dicky Febrian

    4 months ago

    Ternyata lebih seru cucurutut

  • 𝓒𝓸𝓶𝓯𝔂 ._.𝓒𝓪𝓫𝓲𝓷™

    𝓒𝓸𝓶𝓯𝔂 ._.𝓒𝓪𝓫𝓲𝓷™

    4 months ago

    The fact that 2/3 of the billboards were impostors...

  • Jaskirat Singh

    Jaskirat Singh

    4 months ago

    The sherif wants to shoot a random person? Please no that’s too realistic.

  • its_ayer213


    4 months ago

    I miss you toast 💙

  • Rebecca Sanabria

    Rebecca Sanabria

    4 months ago

    Where’s the new uploads tho... 😭

  • Elijah McBride

    Elijah McBride

    4 months ago

    8 months of among us and my brain still cant grasp that abe isnt scarra

  • Kid That Works For The FBI (Undercover SCP agent)

    Kid That Works For The FBI (Undercover SCP agent)

    4 months ago

    the second game was wild

  • kitty peace

    kitty peace

    4 months ago

    Toast is such an amazing person hope he keeps his head up

  • 4 months ago

    i appreciacte toast but bro come on, remove some of the ads...

  • Hugo ter Hoeven

    Hugo ter Hoeven

    4 months ago

    what is that song in the intro, can somebody link?

  • Caleb Pohto

    Caleb Pohto

    4 months ago


  • Derek Swift

    Derek Swift

    4 months ago

    0:03. So basically, a sheriff.

  • Micah


    4 months ago

    People still play this game? I thought I’d never stop but it got boring :(

  • Jacklyn Cervantes

    Jacklyn Cervantes

    4 months ago

    11:17 he almost had it hehehe

  • Xomsabre


    4 months ago

    I had a similar scenario one game...
    We had two players wearing plague masks, and I button immediately and say "Plague masks spread plague; remove them or we'll all die"...
    Sadly, I got voted out for my memery...
    Everyone else died...
    The plague doctors were the killers...

  • Sorouche


    4 months ago

    10:44 Toast is the governmenttttt.
    Technoblade: DEATH

  • General 71

    General 71

    4 months ago

    As soon as everybody started shouting at toast and saying to vote him off, I started smiling because he's jester.

  • David Gutierrez

    David Gutierrez

    4 months ago

    Toast is metagaming metagamers

  • Northz


    4 months ago

    Am I the only one confused about the speci clear the first round?

  • Angela Rogayan

    Angela Rogayan

    4 months ago

    i really want an episode where the game is all animated

  • Kevin Do

    Kevin Do

    4 months ago


  • Ruby Cate

    Ruby Cate

    4 months ago

    I just came up with a new among us mod: the group is split in half. One side is the zombies (🔴), and the other side are humans (🔵). One person in each group is either the medic (🔵) or the injector (🔴), and they try save/kill people. Whichever team as all the players at the end wins. Also, for the discussion they try to find out who the person is on either team. For example, the medic would run by a zombie and hit the kill button. 10 seconds later, they would be cured. Any questions?

    • Omar


      4 months ago

      Thats actually really good

  • Everett Lund

    Everett Lund

    4 months ago

    Ty for the meeting subtitles it’s very nice

  • Aglee Asfact

    Aglee Asfact

    4 months ago


  • Chase Chua

    Chase Chua

    4 months ago


  • Chase Chua

    Chase Chua

    4 months ago


  • Laziness


    4 months ago

    abes voice sounds so disgusting and like a discord nerd. It gives me PTSD of those weirdos...

  • Maestro's ACOG

    Maestro's ACOG

    4 months ago

    How do you play a game like this for like 3 months?

  • Raylon Rodrigues

    Raylon Rodrigues

    4 months ago

    Toast is not top left? Cursed

  • Xuan Bach Lai

    Xuan Bach Lai

    4 months ago

    Well at least, the bill board game was a fast one :)

  • Nathan Valley

    Nathan Valley

    4 months ago

    Stupid kids yelling defund the police and government

  • Manabu Ito

    Manabu Ito

    4 months ago

    Toast's missed opportunity on that jester first round win

  • Al_Alemania


    4 months ago

    Damn he's still doing among us gotta respect him for it cause from the looks of things he's keeping it just barely alive

  • 太陽木


    4 months ago

    AMOUNH US?!?!!? SUS????

  • Vaden Rafael

    Vaden Rafael

    4 months ago

    wait a minute
    wtf was janet's logic that "dk was the sheriff"
    what does that have to do with anything? how would you know for sure that he's the sheriff?
    how did she not get voted out? bruh

  • Phoebe Gutierrez

    Phoebe Gutierrez

    4 months ago

    No one gonna mention how when Leslie died Edison said: "she deserved it"

  • Aussie G

    Aussie G

    4 months ago

    What IQ was this video!?!?! I’m confused without it... it’s chronological!!!

  • WhenMitchPlaysYT


    4 months ago

    The second game became political.

  • Eda


    4 months ago

    your among us videos have been my only fun recently. hope you don't stop playing completely

  • Da Epic

    Da Epic

    4 months ago

    What if there was a "flashlight" modifier for crewmates that'd really confuse people haha

  • mueca vaughn

    mueca vaughn

    4 months ago

    I think this will be his last among us game.

  • VPC ajo

    VPC ajo

    4 months ago

    My guy Toast posting his ex's winnnn

  • jess


    4 months ago

    Syd should not play with feelings but with CREW LMAO like that imposter win made me so mad bc abe coulda stayed alive

  • RogueSystem087


    4 months ago

    toast : the flash is a good guy
    reverse flash : grrrrr..........

  • Christine Wu

    Christine Wu

    4 months ago

    Who else is here after they found out that Toast won't be playing among us anymore?

    • Phoebe Gutierrez

      Phoebe Gutierrez

      4 months ago


  • Razor’s Edge Gaming

    Razor’s Edge Gaming

    4 months ago

    gonna miss this

  • Shaney Hwang

    Shaney Hwang

    4 months ago

    AHHH if he voted himself during the jester game that would’ve been the quickest among us game in history HAHA

  • BloomPretty


    4 months ago


  • blivvy


    4 months ago

    Primer on why unions are important:
    It's been found that the skin damage from prolonged exposure to sunlight is caused by ionising radiation. As such, scientists recommend unionising to protect from these harmful effects.

    Just in case anyone's confused, no this isn't a real explanation.

  • Cristina Powers

    Cristina Powers

    4 months ago

    Are we all just going to ignore the fact that Edison said that leslie deserved to die?!

  • Alex Arsenault

    Alex Arsenault

    4 months ago

    In the first round you didn’t show us the part where you went to specimen so it seemed like you only were at lights made the first meeting mad confusing tbh

  • Bryce Daugherty

    Bryce Daugherty

    4 months ago

    Edison in evil tone: "she deserved to die"
    Nobody: listens

  • Twisted Code

    Twisted Code

    4 months ago

    that was a good jester tactic toward the beginning of the second game. Saying to vote one of the 3 out got at least one of them to suggest voting for you. Don't know if that was intentional but if it was, it's a good start :-)

  • Harry Zarry

    Harry Zarry

    4 months ago

    Billboard more like killboard amirite?

  • lyre bird

    lyre bird

    4 months ago

    His 20000IQ video would be titled "End of an era" . Rip Toast's big brain and Among Us
    Edit :- For those confused, he said he is tired of Amognus, and wants to shift to IRL stuff

  • Kevin Clause4p55p

    Kevin Clause4p55p

    4 months ago

    Billboards are dumb

  • Rinrin Fran

    Rinrin Fran

    4 months ago

    Peaceful, Peaceful, PEACEFUL, PEACEFUL, PEACE-

  • Ms.Saxaphone


    4 months ago

    Is it just my eyes playing tricks on me or does he have piercings?!

  • Mike tyson's onee san

    Mike tyson's onee san

    4 months ago

    9:14 that valkarae laugh 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ryan Durham

    Ryan Durham

    4 months ago

    There is no IQ in the title!?!?

    • God


      4 months ago

      He left us at 19,900

    • God


      4 months ago

      There hasnt been for over a week

  • Smash Rey

    Smash Rey

    4 months ago

    This is some old shit

  • _/(o_o)\_


    4 months ago

    Im pretty much in all of youtubes comment sections. And no im not a bot

  • Galloglaoch


    4 months ago

    Imagine surviving Toast hard pushing for you to get voted out and then in a last 5 situation being the only person with sus on them as someone claims to have seen you go out of a pretty sus situation while you're actually the impsoter.... This has got to be one of the lowest IQ crews in a while xD

  • loller noob

    loller noob

    4 months ago

    when his voice changes XD

  • Clementiné


    4 months ago

    I'll miss watching these Vids while eating my breakfast. Come back soon

  • Stroe Drips

    Stroe Drips

    4 months ago

    I think it would be cool to add imposter vision to the sheriff.. just me?

  • Javier H Benavides

    Javier H Benavides

    4 months ago

    Is this the LAST AMONGUS VID??

  • Graypaws


    4 months ago

    Toaster Hoffa, we finally know who did it!

  • T-Virus Terrance

    T-Virus Terrance

    4 months ago

    Hello, Humans.
    What invention doesn’t get a lot of love, but has greatly improved the world?

  • Dennis Cuesta

    Dennis Cuesta

    4 months ago

    he gave up on the IQ thing



    4 months ago


  • MystMicro


    4 months ago

    damn unions



    4 months ago

    "i got betrayed by a billboard" 😭

  • Jay B

    Jay B

    4 months ago

    Gotta vote the obvious imposter instead of reacting to getting sus. Tough last game there

  • Only Jesus Can Save Us

    Only Jesus Can Save Us

    4 months ago

    John 3:16-17 16. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.17. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. Romans 6:23 23. For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 10:9-10 9- That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.10- For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Amen!

  • Mylana Polite

    Mylana Polite

    4 months ago

    That big toast little toast animation is too cute.

  • John D Blend

    John D Blend

    4 months ago

    Can someone tell me why some player got covered ?

  • Chief1tear


    4 months ago

    new role goggles has 20 20 vision

  • Traitxr


    4 months ago

    "The Guys Get Into Union-Busting"

  • A


    4 months ago

    Why did people dislike ?