hunting prey with the NEW 19,400 IQ CAMOUFLAGER role... (custom mod)

Published on Apr 7, 2021
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Disguised Toast and friends test some more custom roles in modded Among Us. Today Toast tries the camouflager impostor as well new exploration on The Airship.

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Edited and Animated by: _4our_

Disguised Toast
  • Melly Moore

    Melly Moore

    6 days ago


  • kaiuvu


    7 days ago

    "Space Jam" I hate this generation.. Looney Tunes- and I think I'm younger than Toast as well wtf is life AH

  • Brodo [Rassure]

    Brodo [Rassure]

    11 days ago

    Toast just opened up the plate of "a free victory" for Tina

  • Stefan Alexandru Zica

    Stefan Alexandru Zica

    20 days ago

    i didnt know toast had that many hundreds of thousands of collective iq points to spread arround his playstyles thats pretty neat.

  • Power Star

    Power Star

    26 days ago

    I want more content like this, honestly no matter the game this group is amazing

  • Splite _

    Splite _

    27 days ago

    Look at the bottom right corner 0:12 because that’s a great glitch 🤣

  • Legio quintus

    Legio quintus

    Month ago

    Cockpit is related to the term cockswain. Cockswain means someone in charge of a small vessel and the cockpit is where the cockswain controlled the boat from.

  • MO. Ayan Khan

    MO. Ayan Khan

    Month ago

    John: tinaaaa haaaaa
    Tosts' Editor:- Cavemen grunting

  • Cedric Obando

    Cedric Obando

    Month ago

    o wtf sleepy played with u??

  • Mallory SF

    Mallory SF

    Month ago

    1:42 was 10 IQ play. How obvious is that an impostor would not kill in the open like that?! Just come to a crowd and kill. Of course it was a morph! Which means Tina is 100% innocent since morph only takes samples of innocent! That was so dumb...

  • FoodwithPrincess


    Month ago

    How did 5up not know it wasn’t Abe?! His logic made nooo sense

  • Sharilee A

    Sharilee A

    Month ago

    Why does this sound like that part in jojo when johnathan is yelling at Dio 0:12

  • Henry Quest

    Henry Quest

    Month ago

    toast aint no yosemiti sam?

  • desertpillow1


    Month ago

    o h n o 0:17

  • y es

    y es

    Month ago

    The cbd pit

  • Mustafa Al iraqi

    Mustafa Al iraqi

    Month ago

    Hoew i get this mods for among us

  • Lonely POTATO

    Lonely POTATO

    2 months ago

    brooke just pew pew-ed the whole lobby

  • Micah Metcalf

    Micah Metcalf

    2 months ago

    At 5:54 when you said the guy with the big mustache his name was Yosemite Sam.

  • Origins


    2 months ago

    $100 says toast won’t make a fan discord which will allow fans to play with them

  • RadiatedSheep


    2 months ago

    Oof i have no clue how 5up messed that up lmao but ig everyone has off days

  • RadiatedSheep


    2 months ago

    Lol when sykkuno was saying he was in the cockpit sll i was thinking was “hes probably doing that thing where he’s technically not lying but he was in a vent”

  • Chim hoàng lửa

    Chim hoàng lửa

    2 months ago

    We call its Việt Cộng (VietCong)

  • Aiko notfound

    Aiko notfound

    2 months ago

    15:01 voice crack LMAO

  • deleted whitty

    deleted whitty

    3 months ago

    i like how john said almost said DIO (jojo refrence)

  • Clipclop


    3 months ago

    How is titles make it seem like the role has IQ higher than Einstein not him the role

  • Ella Norman

    Ella Norman

    3 months ago

    5:29 most american thing I've heard

  • Karing


    3 months ago

    He’s so smart and entertaining at the same time haha

  • Beauty,si among us

    Beauty,si among us

    4 months ago

    I am love yor vedeyo

  • Robert Jones

    Robert Jones

    4 months ago

    Yosemite Sam. The outlaw character from Bugs Bunny cartoons.

  • Owen Almeida

    Owen Almeida

    4 months ago

    toast can witness murder and still be smiling

  • Filipinx


    4 months ago


  • 4 months ago

    1:36 you can see true regret on this mans face.

  • Zexal Digisaiyan Ash

    Zexal Digisaiyan Ash

    4 months ago

    toast was talking about Yosemite Sam! (YOH-SEH-MIH-TEE)

  • Enrique Orozco

    Enrique Orozco

    4 months ago

    5:51 Yosemite Sam

  • Cail Venture

    Cail Venture

    4 months ago

    Was he talking about Yosemite Sam’s?

  • Jacob M John

    Jacob M John

    4 months ago

    Bruh i think 5up is simply voting abe out because 5up and abe were together when toast died and corpse was the only one missing when toast died

  • Thom Hind

    Thom Hind

    4 months ago

    How could you forget Yosemite Sam's name toast? Shame on you. 😆

  • KrisTheKat


    4 months ago

    The reason they called it a call cockpit is because they named it as a place for men before women were able to fly

  • Mark Firman

    Mark Firman

    4 months ago

    5up in the end: "well I walked with Abe the entire time so I don't know how it could be Abe" *proceeds killing Abe*

  • Kaleelur Rahaman Zakeer

    Kaleelur Rahaman Zakeer

    4 months ago

    Yosemite Sam

  • VictorY Reaper

    VictorY Reaper

    4 months ago

    It starts with a B and it's in your area.... Blackpink? 😃

  • Lauren Schill

    Lauren Schill

    4 months ago

    Yosemite is the guy with the mustache in space jam

  • Origami Master

    Origami Master

    4 months ago

    5:28 spoken like a true republican. (Pls don't start a comment war)

  • Talpa 1987

    Talpa 1987

    4 months ago

    The word "cockpit" has the following origin:
    There were arenas for animal fights in earlier times, for example during the industrialization. Fights between roosters were one of them. Before the fight, the roosters were placed in small pits at the rim of the arena.
    When airplanes were invented and used in the military, the small place for the pilot was named after those small pits for the roosters, maybe, because of the "prepare for the fight" aspect.

    • Milly Connell

      Milly Connell

      4 months ago

      Cool the more you know

  • Shariff Webb

    Shariff Webb

    4 months ago

    It’s Yosemite Sam lol come on toast

  • Pengolin


    5 months ago

    Yosemite Sam mustache

  • Queenbee202 Rose

    Queenbee202 Rose

    5 months ago

    Poor corpse

  • Sweedindeed


    5 months ago

    Yosemite Sam is his name. Mel Blanc voice acted for him n Bug bunny n majority of the looney tunes. N u have the audacity to mention king James is in the new space jam?!

  • Typical Dude

    Typical Dude

    5 months ago

    Praise Our god Who have 297461918467292846290173639184646719 IQ

  • Shruti Mali

    Shruti Mali

    5 months ago

    dude everyone has a disney prince or princess like voice-

  • Lan Bee

    Lan Bee

    5 months ago

    Corpse: “it could be me”
    5up and Poki reassuring him: “yea it could be you”
    Also corpse: “thanks guys”
    Corpse is so fucking adorable 🤌🏻✨🥰

  • Samantha Galvan

    Samantha Galvan

    5 months ago


  • Belita Noronha

    Belita Noronha

    5 months ago

    No hate but I have seen poki cut alot of people when they are talking Iand I don't like that

  • Twisted Code

    Twisted Code

    5 months ago

    was anyone else yelling at their screen while toast described Yosemite Sam, who he apparently only recognizes from Space Jam? SMH

  • Asdfizzle


    5 months ago

    21:00 Whaa but he said he saw Toast alive until he met Abe Hmm

  • nozarr


    5 months ago

    yosemite sam?

  • d00m


    5 months ago

    Abe always sounds so guilty lmao

  • Koga41


    5 months ago

    One question, in the intro, does it say disguised toast or this guy’s toast

    • Milly Connell

      Milly Connell

      4 months ago

      They say disguised toast

  • Zero Zimura

    Zero Zimura

    5 months ago

    its yosemite sam from looney tunes

  • Scott Ridley

    Scott Ridley

    5 months ago

    Loving the super mario galaxy music

  • Just another random person

    Just another random person

    5 months ago

    Yo when did sleepy join the group hell yeah

  • Xodse


    5 months ago

    Wait does toasts intro say disguised toast or this guy's toast?

  • 말스멜로Mars Mello

    말스멜로Mars Mello

    5 months ago

    9:15 that was pathetic ngl

  • Cody


    5 months ago

    Yosemite Sam

  • Max Adonis

    Max Adonis

    5 months ago

    Now he can truly be DISGUISED toast

  • StarKiller


    5 months ago

    The name your looking for is Yosemite Sam

  • albinoethiopian3


    5 months ago

    Yosemite Sam!

  • Austin Goolsby

    Austin Goolsby

    5 months ago

    5:50 Yosemite (Yo-Sim-It-E) Sam

  • Boom Knight

    Boom Knight

    5 months ago

    5up is so stupid. He ran with Abe, Abe run the other way. 2 doors in, 5up finds body. It is impossible to be Abe and 5up can prove it. Yet here is corpse getting a free win because 5up had a stroke. It's not even a real win.

  • Maykala


    5 months ago

    Why ain't my Among Us working XD

  • lamontshandy


    5 months ago

    Yosemite Sam... yw

  • Blueyes0787


    5 months ago

    Truly the most amazing skill that Toast possesses is his ability to ignore task and emergency arrows.

  • Liam Hogan

    Liam Hogan

    5 months ago

    Yosemite Sam

  • Coronavirus


    5 months ago


  • Michael Zarrad

    Michael Zarrad

    5 months ago


  • Hunter X05

    Hunter X05

    5 months ago

    big mustache space jam = yosemite sam

  • freakingB


    5 months ago

    poki: mention card swipe
    corpse: aggressively triggered

  • Waberoid


    5 months ago

    5up? More like 5downvotes. Bad play

  • Amber Guymon

    Amber Guymon

    5 months ago

    Sykunno: * votes Tina *
    Sykunno when Tina was voted out even tho he voted her: "Nooo you guys did not... you guys did not"

  • Jessica Calixte

    Jessica Calixte

    5 months ago

    Idk why he said he needs a gun when he has laser eyes.

  • RH7


    5 months ago

    5:01 daaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh 😂😂

  • Underpaid_Goblin


    5 months ago

    You know what I want? A role that lets you body hop into someone you kill and puppet them around for 30 seconds before they drop back down to the ground.

  • matthew jolly

    matthew jolly

    5 months ago

    You mean Yosemite Sam? From Loony Toons?

  • broom beacon

    broom beacon

    5 months ago

    is bushing camping coming back?

  • amorfati khb

    amorfati khb

    5 months ago

    seeing toast smile and laugh is such a delight

  • Dry soup

    Dry soup

    5 months ago

    Missed opportunity to call it The Predator 😃

  • Kenjamin


    5 months ago

    Toast, the prospector you're thinking of Yosemite Sam

  • Tim!


    5 months ago


  • Tortuga


    5 months ago

    A pilot once told me it was called a cockpit because you never saw any women flying

  • Toj


    5 months ago


  • The Red Pickaxe

    The Red Pickaxe

    5 months ago

    dis guy's toasted!

  • Nickko Tejares

    Nickko Tejares

    5 months ago

    Toast has a bit of a tell though! He is more vocal during meetings when and only when he is NOT the impostor. When he is, he more of a listener and will just ride with the flow, just saying :)

  • Jraijin


    5 months ago

    Yosimite Sam is the name of the Looney Tunes character.

  • Chandler Wendt

    Chandler Wendt

    5 months ago

    I like how you guys give away who won in the comments before I watch the vid👌

  • 藍染 惣右介Aizen Sousuke

    藍染 惣右介Aizen Sousuke

    5 months ago

    8:07 i was like "STFU Poki, i wanna hear where cockpit originated."

  • Da PG

    Da PG

    5 months ago


  • echhtreme


    5 months ago

    red is sus

    • echhtreme


      5 months ago


    • echhtreme


      5 months ago

      so true

  • echhtreme


    5 months ago


    • echhtreme


      5 months ago

      this one

    • echhtreme


      5 months ago


  • Sirpa Suxo

    Sirpa Suxo

    5 months ago


  • Mongy gorp

    Mongy gorp

    5 months ago

    These titles are increasing the IQ limit tenfold