I FAKED my own DEATH and REVIVAL in Among Us... (custom mod)

Published on Apr 28, 2021
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Disguised Toast spawns in with the invisible Swooper role and goes for the bold lie of being resurrected by the Time Lord.

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Edited and Animated by: _4our_

Disguised Toast
  • Kamil Boruszkowski

    Kamil Boruszkowski

    Day ago

    Who is sus?

  • حياه جميله

    حياه جميله

    Day ago

    Toast really hates sydeon.

  • Kentaromartz


    Day ago

    annoying sykkuno

  • Willow Statham

    Willow Statham

    3 days ago

    Just lift the bicycle xD

  • rhadiem


    4 days ago

    Definitely a lower fat % will help with the ladies.

  • Decession


    4 days ago

    Of course someone named Hope would end something so good.. poor toast didn’t even deserve any of this…

  • Shadow Angel

    Shadow Angel

    4 days ago

    I agree with the first statement "bee and puppy cat is the best cartoon" respect

  • voiqyy


    5 days ago

    i miss this : (

  • Kirito kun

    Kirito kun

    8 days ago

    Man I miss these days ❤️

  • JaX FPS

    JaX FPS

    11 days ago

    well played in the first game

  • cac


    12 days ago

    No lie.. watching disguised toast like crazy makes you as good as toast if you really focus in on strategies.
    It's entertaining and also good for gameplay!

  • richard naas

    richard naas

    15 days ago

    Please get the among us crew back playing among us😊

  • Dartyious


    17 days ago

    "People will just believe what they want to believe"
    I mean, whenever you say something it's kinda hard to not believe you with high intelligence

  • chalgyu


    20 days ago


  • rizky bagus

    rizky bagus

    24 days ago

    what jack use for that voice changer ?

  • Yuuki


    24 days ago

    Arent we gonna talk about Sykkuno being brain tooo OMG

  • Mew T

    Mew T

    25 days ago

    Does anyone know where I can play these custom mods?

  • Dead2memes2 OOF

    Dead2memes2 OOF

    26 days ago

    RIP this series.

  • SillyPangolin


    28 days ago

    Rolf, all this among us content for 12 year-olds, how the mighty have fallen.

  • Kireo


    28 days ago

    toast is amazing

  • A guy with a decently long youtube name.

    A guy with a decently long youtube name.

    29 days ago

    The last video among us video from Toast.

  • The Monocle Guy

    The Monocle Guy

    29 days ago

    Did Toast changed the title?

  • Ilan González Carigi

    Ilan González Carigi

    29 days ago

    anyone knows where i can get the mods?

  • Austin Massaker

    Austin Massaker

    29 days ago

    They should make there own hermit craft series

  • Lhoyd Moncayo

    Lhoyd Moncayo

    Month ago

    A returner here August 20, 2021

  • Electro Boy

    Electro Boy

    Month ago

    Weight training is more effectice

  • pogi lang mabaitpa

    pogi lang mabaitpa

    Month ago

    this is what toast is talking about why he quit among us. the simping



    Month ago

    Your talking like your decribing checken

  • Celina Chan

    Celina Chan

    Month ago

    Why am I still here? Watching old among us videos? Feeling the nostalgia... missing all these people...

  • Rusty Bishop

    Rusty Bishop

    Month ago

    I love jack’s engineer voice xD it was gold

  • thanos king

    thanos king

    Month ago

    "oh its gonna be so funny"-SYD
    ultimate moment, i was expecting every streamer to say hello youtube.

  • Month ago




    Month ago

    It was a good series but it is clear as day that Toast was bored and just not interested glad he dropped before draining himself totally.

  • T2D


    Month ago

    I feel so hollow without more of this Toasty Among Us goodness...

  • _yo.Kikee


    Month ago

    I watch some videos of toast n I’m realizing! The ppl who play with are idiots 💀

  • Phờ Lát

    Phờ Lát

    Month ago

    i cant install extraroles mod. can anyone help me

  • Ionut Leontescu

    Ionut Leontescu

    Month ago

    i forgot how entertaining this was...

  • Elise Esbjornsson

    Elise Esbjornsson

    Month ago

    “I don’t think it’s Dream or George”
    Bretman always has me crying of laughter💀

  • Aurora Holtzman

    Aurora Holtzman

    Month ago

    valkyrae was actually a morphling

  • Daniel Huynh

    Daniel Huynh

    Month ago

    god that final 4 was so awkward with sykkuno being a troll

  • t pros

    t pros

    Month ago

    You can concentrate on gaining metabolism to lose weight. High intensity training is efficient and convenient

  • Iana_Gacha


    Month ago

    it's been months since toast posted an among us vid and it's kinda weird going throughout my day without toast's big brain gameplay lol and to those people who cancelled toast sana di masarap ulam nyo ng 138 years kingina ka ^^

  • John Jhay Vhee Gamboa

    John Jhay Vhee Gamboa

    Month ago

    Toast is the god imposter and crewmate your the best

  • Prince & Teddy Vlog

    Prince & Teddy Vlog

    Month ago

    I will sub if you win only yousing sabotage

  • Waffle Boi

    Waffle Boi

    Month ago

    0:00 - 0:02 no cap

  • Aaron sell

    Aaron sell

    Month ago

    This truly was peak gameplay.

  • Tim Smith

    Tim Smith

    Month ago

    its corpse

  • Tim Smith

    Tim Smith

    Month ago

    tieing someone up

  • Glaxis


    2 months ago


  • This Person

    This Person

    2 months ago

    Jack with a radio filter sounds like alastor from hazbin hotel

  • Coolbryantran9


    2 months ago

    Wendy imposter is sus

  • katzlolk


    2 months ago

    But the title of the Video is fake ?

  • Pastacular


    2 months ago

    A hello from Vietnam, do you guys interested in Among Us Stereotypes???

  • Darkwolf x99

    Darkwolf x99

    2 months ago

    I’ve been loosing weight but I don’t eat as healthy as I should because of my financial situation and cheapness. If I were toast I’d lift weights with the fat still on. It’ll add more weight to your work out and you’ll be use to lifting your own extra weight. When lifting weights gets easier throw in bike riding and you’ll reveal the muscles you’ve built up. Though weight lifting will also burn off fat. You need to eat more food for gaining muscle, I hear. I think it’s because you have to support the growth of that new muscle. But once you’re ready to loose weight balancing your meal into something you can continue to do for for the rest of your life is needed to keep your weight low. Always exercise a bit after eating you’ll burn off the calories you just ate and not mess up your muscles instead. The fat gets burned off a little at a time with the calories. Being healthy is hard work but definitely worth it. Oh and lots of stretching is a good idea.

  • Andi A

    Andi A

    2 months ago


  • Rob N.

    Rob N.

    2 months ago

    Well im finally caught up with these. Great series. Time for something new now i guess.

  • Saskue_uchiha_hasbigbum999


    2 months ago

    Swooper no swooping

  • dumpling


    2 months ago

    i miss among us (。•́︿•̀。)

  • ThatGuy


    2 months ago

    Toast, you should both lift weights and ride on a bike.

  • bedwars sweaty guy

    bedwars sweaty guy

    2 months ago

    Dont mind me. Just watching videos i missed for a couple of months ..

  • SKY RB

    SKY RB

    2 months ago

    its me

  • New Dizzy

    New Dizzy

    2 months ago

    Plz go back to tft

  • Ohh Yea

    Ohh Yea

    2 months ago

    actually sykunno did a pretty smart play there

  • ᴍᴀᴇʟɪs


    2 months ago

    I have a really broken english and I'm subscribed to Toast for months, but I just discovered that this channel is named ''Disguised Toast'' and not ''Disgusted Toast'' 😭😭

  • Philerino Swifterino

    Philerino Swifterino

    2 months ago

    Wellll shit I already miss toast among us, especially with 5up’s new map

  • Dakota Redmond

    Dakota Redmond

    2 months ago

    18:49 they voting on 4 ...

  • Nikiera Marriott

    Nikiera Marriott

    2 months ago

    Why do you put such nostalgic music over ur vids

  • Jordan Hanes

    Jordan Hanes

    2 months ago

    My mind 🤯

  • Michiyo Aragaki

    Michiyo Aragaki

    2 months ago

    Love you toast

  • Sian Lennon

    Sian Lennon

    2 months ago

    Toast: there is no joke
    Toast 5 seconds later: hahahahahaha



    2 months ago

    old days

  • Navi_Boii


    3 months ago

    Honestly idgaf what he uploads. I will always watch Disguised Toast

  • Mr. ET

    Mr. ET

    3 months ago

    You know where else it easy for you to accumulate fat.
    In your gargantuan as- brain… you have a very large which the thickness adds two don’t question the science

  • TheEcliseFan


    3 months ago

    The last among us game, unless in (unknown) years he makes another among us game

  • Sanjo


    3 months ago

    Oh no oh no alright lets kill brett !

  • CornIsCool


    3 months ago

    Ride a bicycle WHILE lifting weights. XD

  • CrimeResquerz


    3 months ago

    Ay Toast, Do you still remember The Player Who ask what is your channel name?

  • Francesca Malek

    Francesca Malek

    3 months ago

    When Bret doesn’t know the difference between a TURNIP and a fucking Carrot?!?!?😂😂

  • Francesca Malek

    Francesca Malek

    3 months ago

    Riding a bike you will lose more weight, but doing weights you will gain more muscle

  • Emma Blomqvist

    Emma Blomqvist

    3 months ago

    1:50 IM the killer✨✨

  • Kyran Wirlen

    Kyran Wirlen

    3 months ago

    Hello Neighbor mod:In the beginning of the round you see the neighbor locking a door and you can hear screaming and banging from the door as the neighbor stands in front of the door blocking it in anger. He can jump scare and in the jump scare he throws a tomato at your screen, there can be mannequins around the map the neighbor can send them to snap someone's neck,go invisible with one of his potion's,smack people with his shovel,throw glue to slow people down,place bear traps,place security cam’s around map,The neighbor can choke people and turn them into missing poster’s,Can you do a custom hello neighbor map,crew mates can hide in closet or bed for the,crew mate can be able to pick up boxes tomato around the map and throw it at the neighbor he gets dizzy and for 3 seconds he can't do anything but walk,when the crew mates do all there task you see the neighbor he go's down to his knees as his face turn dark and then he turn into a'lot of crows map,if the neighbor wins you see all the missing crew mate poster's with there name on each one then the neighbor jump scare's you.

  • steven bng

    steven bng

    3 months ago


  • S -

    S -

    3 months ago


  • Kavya R

    Kavya R

    3 months ago

    Toast, do weights. You'll gain muscle and that muscle will help you lose fat. If you do only cardio, you have to watch your diet well too

  • Josh Catindig

    Josh Catindig

    3 months ago

    Little did we know this was the last vid

  • Devvin Tidwell

    Devvin Tidwell

    3 months ago

    Poggggg......I seriously thought Sykk was the imp XD



    3 months ago

    what a legend

  • dudekill4win


    3 months ago

    Toast did something crazier then convince everyone the person he killed commited suicide. He actually convinced them he died and got someone else killed

  • Ấu Trùng Tinh Nghịch

    Ấu Trùng Tinh Nghịch

    3 months ago

    Toast's ability to still make big brain plays while simultaneously getting bored of the game is award worthy.

    • Philerino Swifterino

      Philerino Swifterino

      2 months ago

      top comment steaming bot

  • Jack Lyman

    Jack Lyman

    3 months ago

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  • taeleaf


    3 months ago

    The cheap turkey peroperativly bang because pound optically reign besides a absorbed squirrel. wonderful, disgusted rabbi

  • Bruh6969


    3 months ago

    This was the video before among us comes to a end :(

  • kiru Kuruzawa

    kiru Kuruzawa

    3 months ago

    The last among us that they ever played we will miss you guyz :_(

    • Daniel Tsiu

      Daniel Tsiu

      3 months ago

      It’s toast’s last amongus video but not their last time playing. Rae has the video for the last game they played

    • 10 AM

      10 AM

      3 months ago

      Not the last tho, they played recently

    • Bruh6969


      3 months ago

      I actually feel sad, Like Sad Sad!

  • Kyatsukai


    3 months ago

    He has just too much power xD

  • Lilacc


    3 months ago

    Thank you to toast and friends for making this quarantine better:')

  • Xyruz Tacal

    Xyruz Tacal

    3 months ago

    The Era of Among Us
    2020 - 2021

    • Bruh6969


      3 months ago

      Well t got out of trend so they had to stop

  • Carlin199


    3 months ago


  • Blazer 1265

    Blazer 1265

    3 months ago

    Just watched Toast’s “The Final Episode- Among Us 20,000 IQ Special” and now I’m back here. Sad it’s passed but so glad it happened. The daily upload of among us from Toast became part of my routine everyday. I understand that it became dry; like toast played it for hours and uploaded everyday for 8 months. Who wouldn’t get tired of it. It was awesome all the same. YouTubers and streamers I watched that I never dreamt of playing together did in among us. I’m nostalgic coming back to this and it’s only been a month. I will definitely remember this era of among us as another milestone in gaming content creator history. Bruh if I come back to this in like a year the nostalgia will hit even harder and I’ll probably cry. Thanks for all the good content. I’m of course going to still watch many of these streamers and YouTubers, and most definitely Toast but just what a wonderful time this was.

  • Fmc


    3 months ago


  • shang chi

    shang chi

    3 months ago

    Toast is best