i infiltrated an ALL-GIRLS Minecraft base...

Published on Apr 11, 2021
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Disguised Toast goes on a very secret underground mission to infiltrate a girls only Minecraft base.

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Edited and Animated by: _4our_

Disguised Toast
  • kath sleeve

    kath sleeve

    4 days ago

    is this a series? :(( i need more ngl

  • Shivam Kumar

    Shivam Kumar

    6 days ago

    Is this some kind of peaky blinders shit 😅😅

  • Not Harry

    Not Harry

    7 days ago

    rewatching this 4 months after, still amazing

  • holarod


    7 days ago

    7:25 ... mhmm lolololol

  • snsjwlqmam


    9 days ago

    Why not just invite techno and make him destroy it :p

  • Sajid Nourose

    Sajid Nourose

    10 days ago

    Backseat gaming is no fun

  • Cassandra Aquino

    Cassandra Aquino

    14 days ago

    What version is this?

  • Justice Mullen

    Justice Mullen

    15 days ago

    What mod is this

  • Mark Xavier Belen

    Mark Xavier Belen

    15 days ago

    toast at end
    Diguised Toast: i was in the navigation the whole time
    Speach: *100*
    Sneak *100*

  • Jose Carreto

    Jose Carreto

    18 days ago

    Please do more! We watch you for you not just for Among us :)

  • John Doe

    John Doe

    19 days ago

    Isn't this loverfella thing?

  • Yousra Souma

    Yousra Souma

    20 days ago

    Lol he made a vent than he claim to be in navigation what an imposter

  • cowboi


    20 days ago

    Everyone ratting toast out is a bunch a simps

  • Kydra


    22 days ago

    Chat are simps.

  • Ari S

    Ari S

    23 days ago


  • Coolbryantran9


    23 days ago

    Toast is like: why do I hear muah muah muah what’s happening up there

  • ZeroGgamer


    23 days ago

    I need a part 2

  • wowditto


    24 days ago

    Man the fuckers on chat who said Toast is invading must the be life of the party... WAy to ruin the Fun.. . jackasses
    That being Said.. GOD DAM Wendy is so cute and gorgeous

  • ZacciZorg


    25 days ago

    Can someone please tell me which Modpack they play?

  • liem jacob

    liem jacob

    25 days ago

    what mods are these

  • ErichWilliam


    25 days ago

    The snitches better get stitches!!!

  • Tekeon


    26 days ago


  • winz


    26 days ago

    whats the world called???

  • Wilson Eldin

    Wilson Eldin

    26 days ago

    Yo guys whats this mod called

  • Guep•


    27 days ago

    Lesson of the day :

  • Albio Aldiano

    Albio Aldiano

    28 days ago

    do moreee

  • A Kitty

    A Kitty

    29 days ago

    does anyone know what minecraft pack this is? id love to play it myself!

    • A Kitty

      A Kitty

      3 days ago

      @shrimpkkuno Thank you so much!

    • shrimpkkuno


      10 days ago

      farming valley

  • Seth Don

    Seth Don

    29 days ago

    if I was toast i would place a creeper

  • WolfOwl01Person


    Month ago

    Sneaky. Just very sneaky

  • happy happy!

    happy happy!

    Month ago

    "i was in navigation the entire time"
    ayo thats cap i was in navigation he wasnt there

  • Advait shinde

    Advait shinde

    Month ago

    what kind of minecraft mod is this ?

  • Spider man 2022

    Spider man 2022

    Month ago

    You guys should be ashamed of yourselfs snitches get stitches. JK but don't snitch on the guy

  • UniMc


    Month ago

    Hey can I join that server you’re in? I love mc and I would love to play modded servers

  • Vaneeshka


    Month ago

    what mod are you using?! please tell mee

  • BOI Gamer

    BOI Gamer

    Month ago

    Toast:I was in navigation the whole time. Me:*wheeze*

  • Month ago


  • Alan1701


    Month ago

    Lol I like this

  • ascended apollo

    ascended apollo

    Month ago

    and got arrested for sexual harrasment

  • FionnGaming YT

    FionnGaming YT

    Month ago

    Is this like ssuncees series of minecraft stardew city

  • Victorlolt


    Month ago

    just watching this gives me anxiety

  • Soren Putnam

    Soren Putnam

    Month ago

    bruh the thumbnail

  • ToxicBoar


    Month ago

    anyone knows what is the mod packs name?

  • Matt Holstein

    Matt Holstein

    Month ago

    If this were an anime, it would be called, "Girl Town Penetration".

  • G|θ₩¥


    Month ago

    He should do more

  • Brabby 250

    Brabby 250

    Month ago

    Sooo were just gonna ignore the fact this chick was sniffing her cats ass and kissing it in all the wrong places??

  • Floating Fortress

    Floating Fortress

    Month ago

    Thanks for giving me a idea now

  • e trust

    e trust

    Month ago

    secret tunnel

  • HaphazardNS


    Month ago

    Stupid meta gamers

  • Ben Thor

    Ben Thor

    Month ago


  • Adam The Pie guy

    Adam The Pie guy

    Month ago

    i absolutely wanna see more of toast being a sneaky bastard and stealing stuff right from under peoples noses.

  • Al St. Clair

    Al St. Clair

    Month ago

    Bruh chat ratted him tf out

  • Andre Hinkley

    Andre Hinkley

    Month ago

    should have gotten the diamonds for a sword

  • Andre Hinkley

    Andre Hinkley

    Month ago

    Go Loud, fight them all

  • Honerkamp


    Month ago

    the fact he didn't even try to hide his tunnel makes this so much more hilarious

  • Forgotten Astro

    Forgotten Astro

    Month ago

    this looks really fun to play, is there somewhere where i can get all the same mods in this video?

  • Osm.Nightmare


    Month ago

    What mod is this

  • G|θ₩¥


    Month ago

    I love his video's his the best😁

  • BigBoss


    Month ago

    You couldve just taken the crops, while they are down there

  • K-Market


    Month ago

    wherses is amognus digsuided toast im so mad yu didnt upload amonus

  • Big pp

    Big pp

    Month ago

    Part 2?

  • Dont ruin my new schedule

    Dont ruin my new schedule

    Month ago

    toast like playing with fire a little too much

  • SSJ Tink

    SSJ Tink

    Month ago

    The Mario sounds we’re amazing LOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂DUN DUN DUN lol

  • vThaí


    Month ago


  • L06es_3xp.


    Month ago

    this is real content, bois!!!!!

  • PsychoMidas Gaming

    PsychoMidas Gaming

    Month ago

    If it wasn't for chat, toast would have gotten away with it for a while at least

  • ravi gundam

    ravi gundam

    Month ago

    it's tagged among us

  • lord mayhem

    lord mayhem

    Month ago

    i hope theres never a thing called "only mothers"

  • WaiLoud?


    Month ago

    This vid is so sus

  • Popshot


    Month ago

    Go Toast! STEAL IT ALL.

  • Grosu Official

    Grosu Official

    Month ago

    Super good non amog us video omg amazing video yes great amazing family friendly content

  • Suvxa


    Month ago

    Stardew valley interesting

  • M. fred

    M. fred

    Month ago

    simps ruining the fun again

  • Jesse Zavala

    Jesse Zavala

    Month ago

    Toast questioning wtf

  • Niko Vinas

    Niko Vinas

    Month ago

    Everyone we need to get the bois and raid there town

  • Scorch Dragon

    Scorch Dragon

    Month ago

    Funny that he just walks in with little stealth

  • y es

    y es

    Month ago


  • Kian McVicar

    Kian McVicar

    Month ago

    if he had any idea how to play minecraft this would be 20 times better

  • Maryum waqas Waqas

    Maryum waqas Waqas

    Month ago

    Fun fact he was playing stardrewvalley

  • LiamB137


    Month ago

    Why was it so easy to get in that first attempt.

  • Garrett Lock

    Garrett Lock

    Month ago

    Whats the mod pack? I'm assuming this is on the technic launcher?

  • Casey Bowlds

    Casey Bowlds

    Month ago

    what mod is this???

  • Migo


    Month ago

    When chat are simps and spoil your fun.

  • Sean Lim Yu Xuan

    Sean Lim Yu Xuan

    Month ago

    PoG Face

  • Ben Acton

    Ben Acton

    Month ago

    when they said he is a crow i thought they ment that he would be eating the dead bodies after a war

  • zach bartel

    zach bartel

    Month ago

    i remember when he started with hearthstone... i love you toast keep up the great work!

  • mcguru_


    Month ago

    The vid is still in the among us catagory lmao

  • awesome2cherry


    Month ago

    yo what mods are these they look fun

  • Shrimp Gang Productions

    Shrimp Gang Productions

    Month ago

    Toast place blocks to not get caught pls and thank you lol

  • Có ý thức đi

    Có ý thức đi

    Month ago

    Where is the list of this stream ? Minecraft smp

  • Aldwyn Joshua Gaspar 7 - Honesty

    Aldwyn Joshua Gaspar 7 - Honesty

    Month ago


  • Antonio Gonzalez

    Antonio Gonzalez

    Month ago

    chat really ruins stuff man hate people who go from stream to stream telling people there secrets / plans ruins the game tbh

  • Retr0 Knight

    Retr0 Knight

    Month ago

    Techno be like: HA pathetic

  • Michael Hummel

    Michael Hummel

    Month ago


  • julix huy

    julix huy

    Month ago

    Where can I watch more of this

  • useless bum

    useless bum

    Month ago

    if fed did this he'll be called a molester.

  • Roland Chan

    Roland Chan

    Month ago

    bruh the chat are SIMPS wtf

  • CaptiveCoin


    Month ago

    i falled asleep from these annoying girls

  • Kingsley


    Month ago

    Him plays mc:

    Me : It shows Among us )_)

  • FuriousPenguin


    Month ago

    Chat ruins everything

  • Nghia Doan

    Nghia Doan

    Month ago

    you should covered the hole at least in the first part