LURKING with the NEW ENGINEER role (custom mod)

Published on Apr 16, 2021
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Disguised Toast gets assigned the Engineer role, perfect for lurking and investigate impostors. The Engineer role is part of crew with the abilities to fix sabotages remotely travel via the vents.

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Disguised Toast
  • RI Gills

    RI Gills

    8 hours ago

    I knew it was June lol. Edison made some good points and I can sense the honesty in his voice so he wasn’t lying . when there was five people it was confirm it was Abe. He did not say anything and no one knew his whereabouts

  • Julian Molenaar

    Julian Molenaar

    Day ago

    Do a 18500 iq with engineer with 3 ppl bc if they sabotage you can fix

  • Joshua Perry

    Joshua Perry

    4 days ago

    Thanks, now that Bacon Pancakes diddy you kept singing is stuck in my head. Now I gotta make me some Elvis Pancakes:
    In a cold pan, render the fat from bacon. Reserve the fat. Set aside.
    Make pancakes as you would, but add PB2 to the batter. Crumble the bacon into the pancakes. Set in the oven on low to keep warm.
    In the same pan, cook brown sugar until melted and starting to brown, remove from heat.
    Slice Bananas at a large oblong and add to the caramelized brown sugar, add the rendered bacon fat and return to the heat.
    Toss the bananas gently to coat in the bacon-caramel. Flambe with rum if desired. Spread peanut butter on the pancakes and stack em up.
    Serve with 3 large cups of black coffee and 2 cigars. Read the paper, remarking on how strong the DOW is looking this week. Follow up by breathing deep the crisp air of freedom as you watch Eagles roosting in your back yard. Spend the rest of your day polishing your boots, followed by your guns, or alternatively, finish the scroll-work on that Cuckoo-Clock you began last week.
    I have solved depression. You're welcome.
    In all seriousness though; I have these pancakes probably once a month and they're the shiz. I also never start a day without 2 cups of coffee and a cigar. I am extremely satisfied, 10/10.

  • burchds84


    9 days ago

    7:56 cusser lumber tots



    24 days ago

    Till this day i still cant figure out if the intro says "disguised toast" or "this guy's toast"

  • Mark Nathan Padua

    Mark Nathan Padua

    25 days ago


  • patar41


    Month ago

    25:25 when puberty hits

  • sophia yeet

    sophia yeet

    Month ago

    the intros got me tripping is it "this guy's toast" or "disguised toast"

  • Pieman78


    Month ago

    Who fries toast in a pan?
    lol toast if you see this this is gonna be so weird XD

  • IMLE


    Month ago

    15:21 I love the lgbtq representation here. Miyoung with a trans scarf, and Rae with the bi hearts.

  • Bangerrr


    Month ago

    Bro Sydney’s so annoying 🙄🙄

  • Nathan Thornhill

    Nathan Thornhill

    Month ago

    Achievement unlocked: bacon pancakes

  • Laza


    Month ago

    I love how they instantly vote who toast goes on to lol

  • It’sNotIzzy


    Month ago

    I have a question; if vents are very tiny would that make imposters tiny and would that make the imposters tiny people

    • It’sNotIzzy


      Month ago

      @Alex Funny sorry it cut out lol

    • Alex Funny

      Alex Funny

      Month ago


  • din0boy1 Studio

    din0boy1 Studio

    Month ago

    When an impostor is chasing u but u r an engineer:
    I will vent out of here

  • Danielle D

    Danielle D

    Month ago


  • Corey


    Month ago

    when ur reputation precedes you "guys..guys.. sometimes im just normal brain"

  • Christian Fox

    Christian Fox

    Month ago

    This was kind of a small Brain toast game. It should have been obvi9us it was Kkatamina, yet he was sure it was Wendy. If toast gets killed at 4 it's ggs

  • IShowSpeedWhileBridging


    2 months ago

    I knew it was hJune I knew she was swooper

  • freakingB


    2 months ago

    23:30 Toast sings bacon pancake is so cute 🥺

  • Sayli Waghmare

    Sayli Waghmare

    2 months ago

    Wait if Wendy, Rae and Syd would have voted Toast, they would have won.

  • bigbaggblicka


    2 months ago

    everytime i watch a toast game, jack always gets killed in the beggining it makes me so sad he's so nice .

  • valic


    2 months ago

    3:02 I don't understand how Toast didn't understand that it was kkatamina after just passing her and then found a body... It made it even more obvious because of the fact that she was trying to blame Toast...

  • PeaceThruFire


    2 months ago

    ARGH toast needs to be dumb because when they accuse him while he’s bug braining it makes me so mad 😂

  • Anna Flores

    Anna Flores

    2 months ago


  • Sonic Mario Adventure's

    Sonic Mario Adventure's

    2 months ago

    Rip adventure time bacon pancakes

  • Alicia Cisneros

    Alicia Cisneros

    2 months ago

    Tina: yk I hate 50/50s, Toast: I wouldn’t make you do that, Also toast: alright let’s go do the 50/50

  • Bradyn Gonzalez

    Bradyn Gonzalez

    2 months ago

    I think toast has been watching adventure time

  • PrometheumCore


    2 months ago

    what mask is sydeon wearing?

  • Trinity Franklin

    Trinity Franklin

    2 months ago

    Toast at 6 with all girls

  • Crab


    3 months ago

    As corpse would say, this could be a big brain play by toast.

  • Why is the world like this

    Why is the world like this

    3 months ago

    toast knows all songs that remind me of my childhood

  • Agent


    3 months ago

    *When the vent speak texan...*

  • Michael D

    Michael D

    3 months ago

    Tina is so adorable.

  • Iva Fisher

    Iva Fisher

    3 months ago

    The rare fahrenheit electrophoretically dry because timer anaerobically switch a a average karate. lush, uttermost korean

  • adarktheme


    3 months ago

    btw when the body was reported in labortarywe987gtf oQWEGB atamina ran from it

  • Arielle


    3 months ago

    Fun that Toast was singing one of the few songs I recently learned how to play on the ukulele 🥓 🥞✨

  • UrSofaKingAss-_-


    3 months ago

    I no longer like the word "Sus" because it's over used...

  • sajheka hesebliq

    sajheka hesebliq

    4 months ago

    The tidy spot culturally wander because van ultimately suppose absent a sharp help. adjoining, wandering quality

  • jiet


    4 months ago

    toast knows about adventure time!!!

  • Sarfnic Productions

    Sarfnic Productions

    4 months ago

    20:26 too good

  • Artamation


    4 months ago

    Bacon pancakes Bacon Bacon pancakes

  • Filipinx


    4 months ago

    20:27 baking pancake advemture time jake

    • Filipinx


      4 months ago

      23:26 with music

  • Vaishnavi is Pog

    Vaishnavi is Pog

    4 months ago

    0:37 Dream: Pathetic.

  • No one

    No one

    4 months ago

    Toast: Sometimes I can be normal brain 🧠
    Me: -Laughs-

  • Nathaniel Shannon

    Nathaniel Shannon

    4 months ago

    Are bacon pancakes good

  • tonggeng nungging

    tonggeng nungging

    4 months ago

    How to spot an impostor: The impostor always say I'm just a crewmate

  • dudekill4win


    4 months ago

    Miyoung threw that one so hard haha
    Like not only at the end of the round but if she voted with rae and syd then they would have drew at the vote

  • MrBeatBox crew

    MrBeatBox crew

    4 months ago

    Adventure Time ep 16 season 4

  • CFalcon075


    4 months ago

    Engineer gaming

  • Thomas Ardizzone

    Thomas Ardizzone

    4 months ago

    420 dislikes

  • Luuk Verhoeven

    Luuk Verhoeven

    4 months ago

    is it just me or does the intro sound like 'this guy's toast' instead of disguised toast

  • Kitkat


    4 months ago

    It would be cool to have a lawyer mod. Someone who defends the imposter during meetings and has more votes to sway the “jury” or crewmates as a single get out of jail free card

    • Kitkat


      4 months ago

      Basically we have mayor for crew but lawyer for imposter

  • broom beacon

    broom beacon

    4 months ago

    0:01 Yusuke's mask from Persona 5

  • Flurry Quackers

    Flurry Quackers

    4 months ago

    This has to be like my favorite one man-
    I purple this so much~

  • MyThoughtsBelow


    4 months ago

    No one:
    *Every Crewmate when they finally get Engineer* : "Imma hoppity in da vent!!!"

    In all seriousness, did Toast have his auto-fix at the end of the game? He might've been able to clutch, but idk.

  • Tamsyn Hale

    Tamsyn Hale

    4 months ago

    I've peaked. I got an ad for toast while watching a Toast video

  • Ryan Vess

    Ryan Vess

    4 months ago

    Miyoung is a dummy confirmed. Knew I couldn't stand to listen to her talk for a reason

  • WidgyAinz


    4 months ago

    HOW COULD THERE BE A SINGLE DOUBT THAT TOAST WAS ENGINEER?! He FIXED FROM MEETING ROOM! And that’s just the most indisputably obvious one.

  • } • { - Deny San - } • {

    } • { - Deny San - } • {

    4 months ago

    is it just me or when toast post less than a day he only had a hundred or more liked ;-;

  • Zaroni 358

    Zaroni 358

    4 months ago

    Bacon pancakes bacon bakein pancakes -Toast 2021

  • LamBam Goldfinger

    LamBam Goldfinger

    4 months ago

    Wait... is Toast's intro: "Heh Disguised Toast" or is it: "Heh This Guy Is Toast"... For some reason I hear the second version.

    • Jasmine Xu

      Jasmine Xu

      4 months ago

      it's "this guy is toast" from heartstone, but he came up with the name disguised toast because everyone misheard it as disguised

  • Emily U.

    Emily U.

    5 months ago

    Bacon pancakes is also mentioned by a parrot on YouTube

  • Lily C

    Lily C

    5 months ago

    Anyone peep Toast’s muscles

  • thecrazy13 Crazy

    thecrazy13 Crazy

    5 months ago

    man having one of the lovers be imposter reminds me of so many disastrous nights of playing Werewolf

  • Regs Man

    Regs Man

    5 months ago

    That’s pretty sussy

  • Andel Lagbas

    Andel Lagbas

    5 months ago

    Oh toast's singing Jake's Pancake song from Adventure Time 😂😂 20:25

  • Lone D. Wolf

    Lone D. Wolf

    5 months ago

    Tina: Oh god not the 50/50
    Toast: I will never do the 50/50...Alright lets do the 50/50 lol 🤣🤣🤣. 12:00-12:17.

  • KazuTrash Sato

    KazuTrash Sato

    5 months ago

    21:15 - Personal Timestamp

  • ꧁The Phoenix꧂

    ꧁The Phoenix꧂

    5 months ago

    Fixing lights on 4 was so dumb he should have keep it and vote on 4 and then call meeting on 3

  • ninjaong87


    5 months ago

    Someone please clip Toast singing Bacon Pancakes from Adventure Time and send me that link 20:25. 😍😍😍

  • besm3st


    5 months ago

    BACON PANCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • VerticalPug Studios

    VerticalPug Studios

    5 months ago


  • puddytawt


    5 months ago

    wait why did rae randomly die at 8:00?

  • James Lopez

    James Lopez

    5 months ago

    12:15 I genuinely got an ad around dat time it was funny af

  • James Marvin

    James Marvin

    5 months ago

    where’s sykunno?

  • Redmond Rider

    Redmond Rider

    5 months ago

    "Hey look, buddy, I'm an Engineer. That means I solve problems. Not problems like 'what is beauty?', because that would fall within the purview of your conundrums of philosophy. I solve practical problems.

  • Sevi


    5 months ago

    Kind of annoys me how much they let June slide when he was sus pretty much every round. he even reported that electric kill after those multiple sus rounds AND survived

  • Benjamin Garban

    Benjamin Garban

    5 months ago

    Abe and Hjune: No Toast, WE are engineer

  • Dean Davis

    Dean Davis

    5 months ago

    Toast should become a Quality singer lol😂

  • _Shadow _Wolf_

    _Shadow _Wolf_

    5 months ago

    We never got to 20,000 iq video I wonder why

  • akagreenblox


    5 months ago


  • Keita Playz

    Keita Playz

    5 months ago

    Tina's Adorable Voice.

  • Ayra De Jesus

    Ayra De Jesus

    5 months ago

    Why did Rae die in the first game??

  • Josh G lover

    Josh G lover

    5 months ago

    Toast really didn’t see mina right there on the body

  • •gêññɏ_¢håñ_ɏ† • fan of •yukiii•

    •gêññɏ_¢håñ_ɏ† • fan of •yukiii•

    5 months ago

    No one:
    Toast: singing a song about bacon in pancakes
    Me: singing along with him

  • Myles


    5 months ago

    jesters are just suicidal people. The sad truth

  • Elaine Wang

    Elaine Wang

    5 months ago

    Abe reads Toast so well ahahha

  • Elaine Wang

    Elaine Wang

    5 months ago

    Normal Bread: **breaking hearts left and right**
    Toast: **breaking brains left and right**

  • Joemnex


    5 months ago

    Toast: Bacon Pancakes making Bacon pancakes, I take the bacon and I put it in a pancake, bacon pancakes that's what it's gonna make bacon pancaaaaaakes
    Me: 🎶in New Yoooooork🎶

  • Grahson Leavitt

    Grahson Leavitt

    5 months ago

    Different opening music

  • Nerubianbolt


    5 months ago

    now tina act like the leader of the looby so many times

  • rewrite


    5 months ago

    engineer gaming

  • educated


    5 months ago


  • Verena Balbach

    Verena Balbach

    5 months ago

    23:14 can I get a Pancake Remix?

  • Hey Asshole

    Hey Asshole

    5 months ago

    I feel bad for rae, was imposter, her lover got voted and she her heart broke and gave out.

  • Titus Fortunus

    Titus Fortunus

    5 months ago

    Why did toast not call out miyoung from the beginning after literally finding the body and seeing her walk away from it, then screaming that it was him? lmao

    • Titus Fortunus

      Titus Fortunus

      5 months ago

      ah right, forgot. He likes letting everyone have fun. Good on ya, toast.

  • nastjaash


    5 months ago

    i like how toast's webcam is traveling around the screen each video.

  • Marcus One

    Marcus One

    5 months ago

    Tina is literally 3rd imposter every game pea brain

  • no


    5 months ago

    "I would never do that to you. Okay, let's go do the 50/50" God I love toast.