massive VOTING POWER as the new 19,600 IQ MAYOR role... (custom mod)

Published on Apr 9, 2021
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Disguised Toast and friends return with more modded Airship Among Us. This time Toast tries out the new Mayor role with the ability to save votes to use at later.

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Intro soundtrack composed by: Fabian Del Priore (Rapture)
Edited and Animated by: Frosturne

Disguised Toast
  • Oblivi0n 7374

    Oblivi0n 7374

    2 days ago

    the haikyu song tho

  • Mallory SF

    Mallory SF

    9 days ago

    An astronaut in a space suit AND a samurai armor who is a mayor is cleaning toilet and talking about catching crabs while his friends murder each-other... Wonderful game. =3

  • sandra pasalgon

    sandra pasalgon

    19 days ago

    Is it just me when the intro say disguise stoast I hear this guy's toast

  • Elyssa Yazid

    Elyssa Yazid

    25 days ago

    I died inside of happiness when toast quoted Gandalf & sang the Haikyuu theme song "Fly". (Idk if I got the name right)

  • Vau01z_


    Month ago

    9:29 sounds like fly high

  • TheConfusedEra


    Month ago

    Toast outside of Among Us vs inside Among Us is a whole different person. It's weird. He's just too big brain.

  • i cant splel

    i cant splel

    Month ago

    14:48 you know it’s corpse because he only says speed run when he’s the killer

  • Roy Slapped

    Roy Slapped

    Month ago

    Micheal Reeves threw a fish as if he was celebrating a touch down. He probably couldn't have thrown it harder. I like the kid but he can get outta hand.

  • Danielle D

    Danielle D

    Month ago


  • yeetus deletus

    yeetus deletus

    Month ago

    This man is savage he is playing the game and not playing the game

  • B. R. Supreme-Constitution

    B. R. Supreme-Constitution

    2 months ago

    Wendy: "Someone really wanted me dead." Toast: "Yeah. I wonder who it was." (silence) Wendy: "I hate you." 🤣👍👌

  • Johneil Clarke

    Johneil Clarke

    2 months ago


  • Merfner


    2 months ago

    who makes these animations? lol

  • Howard Wu

    Howard Wu

    2 months ago

    He didn’t chuck them he lightly tossed them

  • OkeH


    2 months ago

    just me that heard Toast humming “FLY HIGH!!” from haikyuu?

  • Andromeda


    2 months ago

    Was Toast singing a song from Dr. Stone?

  • Divyesh Rathi

    Divyesh Rathi

    2 months ago

    at 9:27 He was singing the opening to Haikyuu Fly high. Damn i haven't seen the anime but I knew it was from Haikyuu

  • Amoogus throwbacks

    Amoogus throwbacks

    2 months ago

    Lol i love the animators
    0:57 the smol bean
    1:00 the huge anime arm

  • NeedGodBro


    2 months ago

    the meetings are so awkward its annoying to watch

  • NoobTzy


    2 months ago

    why his name is disguised toast i know = this guy is toast

  • Will Raquel

    Will Raquel

    3 months ago

    The jobless alibi contextually drop because windchime transmurally match outside a uninterested fireman. serious, earsplitting step-grandfather

  • Satori Tendou’s Fingertape

    Satori Tendou’s Fingertape

    3 months ago


  • Icaro Angelito

    Icaro Angelito

    3 months ago

    he's whatching haikyuu



    3 months ago

    Can you PLEASE send the link for the mod

  • Wi Vi

    Wi Vi

    3 months ago

    9:26 Toast watches Haikyuu?

  • Alice Morrison

    Alice Morrison

    3 months ago

    The glossy gorilla astonishingly bolt because sleet briefly doubt within a absorbed chick. marked, frightened frightening full fumbling functional blizzard

  • steven jackson

    steven jackson

    3 months ago

    The acrid secretary trivially decay because judo inferiorly refuse between a disillusioned activity. ancient, measly tent

  • Ramzy ElKhoury

    Ramzy ElKhoury

    3 months ago

    Next thing you know, the crab adventure is a puzzle to find 100,000$

  • Travador de Zap

    Travador de Zap

    3 months ago

    Toast: "i just catched 5 crabs :)"

  • Llamatron


    3 months ago

    I swear someone killed in armory at 5:44 ?

  • Tamim Chebihi

    Tamim Chebihi

    4 months ago

    Toast is Light Yagimi when hes imposter

  • Kenma Kozume !

    Kenma Kozume !

    4 months ago

    toast a real haikyuu fan

  • alexis moore

    alexis moore

    4 months ago

    toast mumbling the haikyuu intro just made my year

  • C1A 26 Nilesh Charan S

    C1A 26 Nilesh Charan S

    4 months ago


  • Thomas


    4 months ago

    Toast is the type of guy to actually use his brain in a horror movie (btw love you content)

  • JOE_is_S4V4G3


    4 months ago

    I know I’m late on this video. But Toast if you want to catch Crab go to a pier and use raw chicken drum sticks or fish shad. You will catch more crab using a crab cage or net. Don’t know what city and state you live in but I go to the bay in San Francisco ca to catch the crab by using that method. Dungeness is seasonal but rock grab or red crab isn’t and size matters.

  • Filipinx


    4 months ago

    9:28 Toast humming haikyuu song

  • Mariam Al-Hussein

    Mariam Al-Hussein

    4 months ago

    He sang the intro to Haikyuu

  • Mad Runner

    Mad Runner

    4 months ago


  • Cluegames


    4 months ago

    See when I went crabbing in Oregon we got a boat and went to the center of the lake, Massive crabs would recommend

  • GucciCowboy


    4 months ago

    Mayor's just overpowered crewmate

  • Alexia Voinescu

    Alexia Voinescu

    4 months ago

    omg i am the only one that hear toast singing the haikyuu opening in the first game?

  • DofBanner


    4 months ago

    You dont need a cage to catch crabs. You Can just use a small fishing pole with bait from your fridge.

  • Alena Conrad

    Alena Conrad

    4 months ago

    Anytime I see the Kermit head all I see is Zylus 🙈

  • j


    4 months ago


  • Dondon Obrador

    Dondon Obrador

    4 months ago

    Love how toast sing Haikyuu op Fly high😍😍

  • SaraLovesYou


    4 months ago

    I think we've gotten used to Toast faking tasks, even as crew. BUT IT STILL BUGS THE FRICK OUT OF ME

  • Michael Salvino

    Michael Salvino

    4 months ago

    PETA after hearing Toast chucked the crabs

  • Jay Pea

    Jay Pea

    4 months ago

    The guts of fish, lots of them. You can buy them in packs from most fish mongers and are great for crab nets. You'll get the big ones then!

  • Adrian Burke

    Adrian Burke

    4 months ago

    is it just me or do the noises the comms make sound like markiplier saying random stuff

  • Raven vince Naguit

    Raven vince Naguit

    4 months ago

    Eyyy toast be like singing Haikyuu theme song😁😁

  • Diamond Phantom

    Diamond Phantom

    4 months ago

    At 9:36 he was singing fire force opening 1 lol

    • Diamond Phantom

      Diamond Phantom

      4 months ago

      Or haiyku

  • Tracey O'Hare

    Tracey O'Hare

    4 months ago

    not Toast singing a haikyu!! intro *o*

  • Chi Kei Lee Lee Chi Kei

    Chi Kei Lee Lee Chi Kei

    4 months ago

    Omg toast watches haikyuu?!!!

  • Haliel Cruz

    Haliel Cruz

    4 months ago

    toast watches haikyuu???

  • Bill Schmidt Jr

    Bill Schmidt Jr

    4 months ago

    Dunno what bait you're using but most people use turkey necks. My cousin goes crabbing and switched to razor clams, gets bigger and larger quantity of crabs.

  • Demonic


    4 months ago

    Catching crabs is a problem you may want to get check by a doctor

  • Gavin L.

    Gavin L.

    4 months ago

    Put chicken legs as bait in the cage, crabs eat them and it works lol

  • Braden Spendlove

    Braden Spendlove

    5 months ago

    3 WHOLE CREWMATE TASKS! thats a new record for youtube toast.

  • - Sorrymasendeshita -

    - Sorrymasendeshita -

    5 months ago

    9:26 is toast singing Fly High! by BURNOUT SYNDROMES :o

  • dice


    5 months ago

    I love that the mod is called TownOfUs, i like the reference

  • LinkAkward


    5 months ago

    There should be a mod. were you play with 1 imp that can take the form of the one she/he kills.
    and the body dissapears when he/she takes it.

  • Eagle Eye

    Eagle Eye

    5 months ago

    9:26 oh my gosh, that song is so good. The best opening of that anime! (FLY HIGH!!)

  • Mishel Escano

    Mishel Escano

    5 months ago

    Did Miyoung just call Toast a jerk for doing what he normally does? Being right? 💀😂

  • Elaine Wang

    Elaine Wang

    5 months ago

    Corpse after killing Rae: "I'm noooottt okay, I'm noooooott okay, whaaaat's the point"

  • Cecelia


    5 months ago

    Hi toast nice to meet you.💩

  • I wuv Anime

    I wuv Anime

    5 months ago

    h-he was singing "fly high"?! 9:28

  • Matty D

    Matty D

    5 months ago

    Ocean city NJ has shit tons of crabs I go crabbing and we come back with 50 keepers

  • Aurora _On

    Aurora _On

    5 months ago

    Being Mayor On A 2v1 And U are Sussed Out By Someone Is Like The Call The Ambulance But not for Me Meme Bc They Have More Voted

  • Sky Thomas

    Sky Thomas

    5 months ago

    RIP Lily!🤣🤣

  • Minecandy


    5 months ago

    Toast slowly begins humming haykuu op

  • amanda devine

    amanda devine

    5 months ago

    "CORPSE ITS OK". I'm sobbing that was the the best line I"ve ever heard

  • omarion The nine tails jenchuriki

    omarion The nine tails jenchuriki

    5 months ago

    9:27 anyone hearing that haikyuu opening

  • Its_Me 1410

    Its_Me 1410

    5 months ago

    9:27 it sounded like he was singing fly high✋✋

  • Black Wolf Boi

    Black Wolf Boi

    5 months ago

    “They were like two inches”
    “That’s it?”
    “Yeah.. Hey Not the first time I heard that, AYOOOO!”
    🤦🏽‍♂️ tho the animation was good

  • Big_ Daddy_D007

    Big_ Daddy_D007

    5 months ago

    Tuff o caught 10 crabs that were 15 inch and had to throw them away and use chicken in the cage to lure the crabs

  • SantaKiller2 GT

    SantaKiller2 GT

    5 months ago

    My dirty minded brain just thinks of the crab catching thing as lice😅

  • Mhiesi


    5 months ago


  • Ayad Mohamed

    Ayad Mohamed

    5 months ago

    9:29 I appreciate the Haikyuu reference

  • Kurt Ryan

    Kurt Ryan

    5 months ago

    Yes Toast knows Haikyu, Toast best dood

  • Naqi does PS4

    Naqi does PS4

    5 months ago

    "How big were they?"
    "Around... Two inches."
    "That's it?"
    "Yea... Not the first time I heard that! HEYOOOOOOOOO!"
    This had me dying.

  • Noah Dyhouse

    Noah Dyhouse

    5 months ago

    Toast where do ya live

  • psd streloop

    psd streloop

    5 months ago

    Was that a d!CK joke?

  • Jaeha Kim

    Jaeha Kim

    5 months ago

    Everyone: finance
    Fiancé: ㅇㅅㅇ ㅠㅠ ;d

  • sum_er


    5 months ago

    He really caught me off guard when he started singing Fly High-

  • casey b

    casey b

    5 months ago

    West coast of Florida between Tampa and Panama City is a good area to catch crabs. Its very undeveloped, lots of marshes and wetlands for young crabs to safely grow up into big crabs. I used to live in the area and there was a lot of them, like a epidemic of them, because I wasn't even trying to catch crabs, I was trying to catch fish, but every time I cast my line, It would come back with a blue crab clinging on to it eating my bait.

  • Ddeonghwa


    5 months ago

    Is it just me or did i hear the haikyuu song at 9:29

  • Akiko


    5 months ago

    I like how the suit on the thumbnail is just the pants, not even on the arms lmfao

  • x Camz

    x Camz

    5 months ago

    Is it just me or when toast was the spy and you say a color change to a different color mean that is who killed the first color?

  • MikeWho


    5 months ago

    You should collab with Taku from OutdoorChefLife - hes a pro Angler/forager in San Fran



    5 months ago

    i watch all your vids toast

  • Dean Xavier Evans

    Dean Xavier Evans

    5 months ago

    I just love the fact that kkatamina's scarf is the trans flag. 😊

  • BTS Lover

    BTS Lover

    5 months ago

    Why does the scarf have the trans flag colours?

    • BTS Lover

      BTS Lover

      5 months ago

      @Dean Xavier Evans I love it

    • Dean Xavier Evans

      Dean Xavier Evans

      5 months ago

      I think it's to be supportive.

  • Tyron Jones

    Tyron Jones

    5 months ago

    I'm pretty sure crab fishing is called crabing

  • Coach Kevin

    Coach Kevin

    5 months ago

    come to san francisco and we’ll take you crabbing on our boat @toast

  • ThermodynamicLovePotato


    5 months ago

    Toast should have known it was Corpse when he said 'speedrun' 🤣

  • Nero Gaming

    Nero Gaming

    5 months ago

    So Toast also watches Haikyuu..

  • DarkValkyrieSin


    5 months ago

    Haikyuu! Toast!!!! My man

  • Eliminz


    5 months ago

    I never hear it right.

    Ha, this guy's toast.

  • BigDaddyDoc 1

    BigDaddyDoc 1

    5 months ago

    Singing fly high from haikyuu