REWINDING TIME with the NEW TIME LORD role... (custom mod)

Published on Apr 18, 2021
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Disguised Toast gets his hands on the Time Lord role, allowing him to rewind time by 4 seconds to help the crewmates.

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Disguised Toast
  • Evan foster

    Evan foster

    7 days ago

    I would °°••|

  • Isaac Clarke

    Isaac Clarke

    9 days ago


  • 12 days ago

    Toast- You don’t have to eat less you just have to eat better.
    Me- *eating a giant bowl of ice cream covered in milo.*

  • TSunX


    26 days ago

    Imagine some asian person with a asian accent plays this game with toast and the others

  • YoboyLEM


    28 days ago

    valkyrae is best girl on all of among us!!

  • rensai shobo - رينصاي شوبو

    rensai shobo - رينصاي شوبو

    Month ago

    tina is really cringe in this game lmao , hard to ignore her

  • Brett B

    Brett B

    Month ago

    Subbed immediately because you didn't record yourself asking to subscribe! Thank you for not being like other YTers in that respect

  • Bangerrr


    Month ago

    Lmaooo syd got rekt I legit hate her she’s so annoying. Good shit June 😂

  • Harai


    Month ago

    Toast: eat less junk food
    Me: eating an Ice cream covered in chocolate with a caramel center and chocolate chips inside the ice cream



    Month ago

    I love how everyone just tries to win and then theres toast teaching us about weight

  • BIEN


    Month ago

    6:46 When he can see everything

  • Gamertrae#2


    Month ago

    I love how everyone is playing among us but toast is talking about poop.

  • TheWestFire


    Month ago

    1:53 Tina “It’s’s because of love.”
    *Toast WTF face*

  • ALIWindMaster


    Month ago

    among us

  • minerliton


    Month ago

    11:39 facts

  • Issa Ibrahim

    Issa Ibrahim

    2 months ago

    Rose Tyler: Doctor! is that really you

  • Malachi Watanabe

    Malachi Watanabe

    2 months ago

    my friends always wonder about how people in japan/korea ( etc ) eat more than americans but they gain less weight, ITS COS IT DONT GOT ALL DEM CALORIES

  • Xavier Xin

    Xavier Xin

    2 months ago

    Mr Toast Poop talk

  • AeroHunter


    2 months ago

    you should of stayed at vitals and reminded when someone died, then go and call emergency meting.

  • PinLoop


    2 months ago

    I think this role is suitable for karl •v•

  • Sai Kodali

    Sai Kodali

    2 months ago

    someone does not have a copyright from bbc

  • Pastoy


    2 months ago

    I've been watching you're facebook videos. This is my first time watching on Youtube. I really enjoyed your videos man. You're a genius. Shoutouts from your fans here in Philippines 🥰

    • Pastoy


      2 months ago

      By the way I just subscribed

  • Assassin


    3 months ago


    Now I think everyones fucking around



    3 months ago

    Mr toast i like your videos

  • Ōkami !

    Ōkami !

    3 months ago

    Doesn’t the vitals under decontamination work
    The ones with the skull, diamond and stuff

  • Silent Kills

    Silent Kills

    3 months ago

    That vent from june was so lucky

  • Arielle


    3 months ago

    Toast smiling while Tina logically concludes that Syd is sus is very ✨

  • Saxito Pau

    Saxito Pau

    3 months ago

    Sagrada Reset mode.

  • CHaZ PenGu

    CHaZ PenGu

    3 months ago

    Missing these videos 😔😔

  • Oh no Mingi

    Oh no Mingi

    3 months ago

    11:35 I feel like toast is my personal uhh lose weight helper- I forgot the word



    4 months ago

    the other of disguised toast is this guy is toast

  • Reediculos - Stream and Gameplay

    Reediculos - Stream and Gameplay

    4 months ago

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    u will be blessed

  • Welken 37

    Welken 37

    4 months ago

    What are you wearing? Its a FEZZZZZ

  • Hanma Shuji

    Hanma Shuji

    4 months ago

    here's a big brain play, if you see someone come out the vent, spam rewind time, and they go back in the vent, and then u go back away too and u can go call the meeting

  • sajheka hesebliq

    sajheka hesebliq

    4 months ago

    The bewildered committee technically perform because otter mainly glow onto a special fired. cautious, lush history

  • Macias192


    4 months ago

    that Hjune vent escape tho XD

  • Cady Lam

    Cady Lam

    4 months ago

    Can’t you just camp Vital when using Time Lord?

  • SoMuchYellow


    4 months ago

    Tina: *trying to be cool*

  • Ivy Goco

    Ivy Goco

    4 months ago

    Toast having the biggest brain!!!

  • Harvey Specter

    Harvey Specter

    4 months ago

    I can't believe they didn't realise it was Syd in the game around 14:30 you can hear it so obvious in her voice, and I've never heard her speak before this video.

  • Eliza Stachowicz

    Eliza Stachowicz

    4 months ago

    „You don’t have to eat less, just eat B E T T E R” - Toast 2021
    Thank you for this amazing advice Toast, I shall cherishe it for ever✨

  • Trobo TicTac

    Trobo TicTac

    4 months ago

    how do they have a rainbow colour?? 1:52

  • Jude Ashley Perocho

    Jude Ashley Perocho

    4 months ago

    8:22 Ah my everyday thought.

  • it's urjoiiness

    it's urjoiiness

    4 months ago

    Toast's thoughts (theory) on crewmates being on the disadvantaged side for having forced to do tasks instead of making impostors do the actions -making the game quite less interesting is a PURE INTELLIGENCE there. That's brain, dude.

  • mae


    4 months ago

    That proud father smile toast did for tina

  • Rupert Palmer

    Rupert Palmer

    4 months ago


  • Saron Tekie

    Saron Tekie

    4 months ago

    Toast 14th doctor....

  • Jimmy Å

    Jimmy Å

    4 months ago

    holy shit this group is unbearable

  • Poke Turbo

    Poke Turbo

    4 months ago

    Best of best i love the this game play very good exellent

  • Fire-Heart the Wolf

    Fire-Heart the Wolf

    4 months ago

    "You don't have to eat less. Just eat better... For example, a Hot Pocket, right? A Hot Pocket is... what?--500 calories? --That's not worth it! A Hot Pocket is not worth it, I'm sorry."
    He's so right, though. Also, good on you Toast for tryin' to eat healthy, man. More power to ya, for real.

  • SweetNightmares


    4 months ago

    “A hot pocket isn’t worth 500 calories”
    Me: *Lowers hot pocket* “That’s what I’m saying!”

  • SweetNightmares


    4 months ago

    I loved how he started talking about poop while eating broccoli as a crewmate 😂

  • psd streloop

    psd streloop

    4 months ago

    For your next IQ play accuse the person who pushes on the right person on 5 when there are two impostors left. There is a high chance that person is also an impostor

  • PickleZackie


    4 months ago

    There are so many easy ways to win if some roles teamed up. Like jester + mayor (for obvious reasons) or time lord + anyone else (for one to check vitals)

  • Horizon


    4 months ago

    How do you buy these
    Koff koff

  • Gauthier


    4 months ago

    "Are you saying Toast is a handsome?" "No" 19:00

  • DeadGamers


    4 months ago

    I hate reporting videos because I watched them already.

  • sakura heartfilia

    sakura heartfilia

    4 months ago

    "Shouldn't we reward the time lord ~?" Hhhhhh that was adorable, and you're right Toast, we should reward the good Time Lord~!

  • Crispy Rat

    Crispy Rat

    4 months ago

    Amen my brother a hot pocket is not worth that many calories

  • I’m confused haha

    I’m confused haha

    4 months ago

    brogli checkkkk i like broccoli too toast lol

  • Nis Chal

    Nis Chal

    4 months ago

    Just stay on vitals, whenever someone dies rewind the time! Easy 👍.

  • Lucas Campuzano

    Lucas Campuzano

    4 months ago

    Imagine reading this comment, you had to scroll all the way down and ur probably rlly bored and just somehow found this is actually kinda rare finding this soo if u find this u r either very bored or some other very weird reason

  • Mikey Tran

    Mikey Tran

    4 months ago

    Toast saves the game but syd gets the rewards.....k

  • Cross Fuentes

    Cross Fuentes

    4 months ago

    “500 Calories per hot pocket”
    Unfortunately my body doesn’t see calories it just thinks “wow that’s all ur gonna eat is 6 hot pockets, you know you’re gonna lose weight if you don’t cram 6 more into ur stomach” ...I wish I could gain weight

  • Garret Garlinger

    Garret Garlinger

    4 months ago

    you so right on the weight stuff toast right on! U Check out the Optivia health program it really works and it's not a dum fake diet it helps your eating and can also do weight loss! I lost 60 pounds on it! SO good!

  • jasondean88888


    4 months ago

    Upvote this if you are tired of watching DT's full streams on copy cat channels. Toast editors, please upload full VODS to YT.
    Many of us only watch on mobile and FB platform is absolute hot garbage. I won't list the issues, but there are many. Makes it unwatchable. I try a couple times a week.
    I would enjoy supporting Toast by watching on his channel instead of the copy cat channels that rip off his content. I can't watch of FB....truly. It's horrible.

  • nolan saylor

    nolan saylor

    5 months ago

    12:02 If you pause the video when the meeting is called & Rae dies you can see Rae's body in front of Jack. (using "," to go back or "." to go back to go through the video frame by frame)

  • Scott


    5 months ago

    Tina n syd are so fucking annoying it’s crazy

  • Shiba Army

    Shiba Army

    5 months ago

    5up is sounds suspiciously like tina... I wonder why 🤔

  • Gray


    5 months ago

    what you were saying about ship, that's why we play single imposter, it's actually not too difficult to get away with soloing and it gives crew more time

  • dale talacero

    dale talacero

    5 months ago


  • SuCCeSSvS


    5 months ago

    17:25 CLUTCH!

  • Sleep Paralysis Demon

    Sleep Paralysis Demon

    5 months ago

    it’s rewind time

  • nefariou5


    5 months ago

    syd reporting on 5 was always suspect because the body was half alive and half dead. 12:00
    the only way that happens is if the report is at the same time as the death so she must've been spamming kill and hit report

  • Luka Perisic

    Luka Perisic

    5 months ago

    Very fitting that he had bunny ears while being time lord, right Miraculous fans? XD

  • GM Simon

    GM Simon

    5 months ago

    Syd's death was a fixed point in time. So they had to vote her out to correct the space-time continuum.

  • bailey elise

    bailey elise

    5 months ago

    ~literally~ how dare you call me out for eating hot pockets even tho I know you’re completely right

  • ProjectIceman


    5 months ago

    Clutch vent from hJune 👍

  • Elan Wan

    Elan Wan

    5 months ago

    Toast is the only person in the world that can make the weight of poop entertaining

  • Carlo Amparo

    Carlo Amparo

    5 months ago

    Eyy that's *Pekora* ear

  • Yu Xu

    Yu Xu

    5 months ago

    toast's intro disguised toast sounds like this guy's toast

  • Lou ren

    Lou ren

    5 months ago do you figure 2 lbs from 1 pound of poop?

  • CrownedLycan


    5 months ago

    Torturing Tina is so funny. I cant lie

  • Ghoul Flixx

    Ghoul Flixx

    5 months ago

    i was here before 1 mil when you did lots of hearthstone

  • Hawkmanz


    5 months ago

    POOR SYD LOL she gets auto sussed for the lulz LMFAO
    Edit: after watching everything, Syd is the best!!!

  • VerticalPug Studios

    VerticalPug Studios

    5 months ago


    • HyperX_ Gaming

      HyperX_ Gaming

      5 months ago


  • detroit babii

    detroit babii

    5 months ago

    a session full of girls okkk pimpinggg my guy nah im jppp

  • Jepps Saez

    Jepps Saez

    5 months ago

    I like how he put the telephone stand there for harry potter and you see no harry potter reference in the thumbnail

  • Logan G

    Logan G

    5 months ago

    They should add a role that can only function after death

    • Kelsey


      5 months ago

      They do have the phantom role that only functions when you die. The cremate doesn't know they are phantom until they die. Phantoms' tasks reset and they have to complete all of them to get a solo win. They're invisible while they're moving but become slightly visible when they stop. If an alive person sees them and clicks on the phantom then the phantom loses.

  • CYuca


    5 months ago

    "Be sure to follow Toast for more weight loss tips!" :D

  • OlsonFam224


    5 months ago

    Just here to watch among us and Toast decides to give me weight loss advice. Will keep in mind post poop weigh ins now👏🏻

  • Ian Loree

    Ian Loree

    5 months ago

    Toast was like a proud dad when Tina correctly sussed Syd 😊

  • nick xo

    nick xo

    5 months ago

    Thank you for the health advice Toast. Also, I'm happy that Tina got it right!

  • FriendlyPunk


    5 months ago

    Dude that vent by hJune to get away from the impostor 👌👌👌👌👌

  • YoankaAvocado


    5 months ago

    That moment when engineer vented away from the swooper was so epic. He didn't even know how close he was to losing.

  • Tara


    5 months ago

    omg sydney voting herself in the beginning was so funny. "...since when is anonymous voting off??"

  • Jolina Mae Riduca

    Jolina Mae Riduca

    5 months ago

    don’t worry toast, we’re proud of you for saving someone 😊

  • Jacob Fong

    Jacob Fong

    5 months ago

    17:30 June jukes Sydeon! “Hoohoo! He got her! Oh my goddddd he got away from her!”

  • Steven LDOE

    Steven LDOE

    5 months ago

    Wasn't expecting the poop seminar at 1130

  • Sean


    5 months ago

    Chopsticks lol
    Wish i could use them