the NEW 19,500 IQ SEER role is way too POWERFUL... (custom mod)

Published on Apr 8, 2021
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Disguised Toast tries out the new Seer role for the first time and perhaps the last because of its ridicules power. Enjoy some more custom role Among Us with Mafias, Time lords much more.

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Edited and Animated by: otriggad

Disguised Toast
  • Andrew G

    Andrew G

    7 days ago

    This is why "hateful" banning is stupid

  • sora roxas

    sora roxas

    13 days ago

    did rae forgot she was jester?

  • father time

    father time

    17 days ago

    Ryan higa got banned?
    All right let's vote Yvonne. 🤣

  • Edo Paul

    Edo Paul

    19 days ago

    Lilly’s voice is soooo fucking annoying lol

  • 19 days ago

    So this is what among is now

  • ad


    20 days ago

    free gypsy crusader

  • PharaCrow


    21 day ago

    Apex Players: *Sees the name "Seer"*
    *Immediate Moth PTSD*

  • Dave Coll

    Dave Coll

    23 days ago

    19,500 IQ but he can't count to 6

  • Gio Agustin

    Gio Agustin

    24 days ago

    How to add mods like that?



    25 days ago

    The lush juice reilly precede because parent externally love below a wrong ball. addicted, wasteful committee

  • Sky Reaper

    Sky Reaper

    25 days ago

    apex legends taking notes

  • TheHmongTroll


    28 days ago

    I’m not even gonna lie the piano ace attorney was soft and just right for the intensity😭

  • YoboyLEM


    Month ago

    twitch if banning everyone for that. then reinstating your channel

  • Zoxication


    Month ago

    Too those who play the mobile game ‘Brawl stars’, you’ll know that the thumbnail looks a lot like the Wizard Barley

  • phoenique


    Month ago

    This is just town of salem with roaming at this point lol

  • Cameron Eccleton

    Cameron Eccleton

    Month ago

    I knew rae was jester first game

  • Jaheme Foster

    Jaheme Foster

    Month ago

    Isnt lily dead am i seeing things wtf😂😂😂

  • Mg 30

    Mg 30

    Month ago

    If the time lord had the flash modification he would be op cuz he can run around he/she can reverse time to heal dead body’s

  • Flatuitous


    Month ago

    You should've just said
    "I know who the mafioso is..but I'll give Ryan a chance..."



    Month ago

    title says 19,500 iq but they couldnt do simple math XD

  • bensive


    Month ago

    I am playing Among Us and I'm the intruder, you're sus, balls, balls, balls, balls, balls, balls.

  • Heval tudes

    Heval tudes

    Month ago

    I like how the thumbnail is toast with a millennium eye XD

  • Rogue


    Month ago

    seer goes well with assassin

  • Pengi


    Month ago

    does anyone else not understand

  • Darrgon Gaming

    Darrgon Gaming

    Month ago

    I’m eating toast while watching toast

  • kOYo1H


    Month ago

    is that a mod or is a new gamemode?

  • Hbomb


    Month ago

    Wanna see Toast play town of salem

  • n0o0b090lv


    Month ago

    Bro the intro was so gud i like it 1:40

  • oh fuck??

    oh fuck??

    Month ago

    Having a role like Seer in Among Us doesnt work, because there's no restriction. In werewolf or whichever you play, the seer can only check once at night.

  • Undertale Glitchtale

    Undertale Glitchtale

    Month ago

    Toast is bad at seer you say who the imposter is when you find them.

  • SpecterHex


    Month ago

    pure copy of town of salem

    • Seth Gleason

      Seth Gleason

      Month ago

      among us devs didnt even make any mods, the community did. So... no?

  • Godly Gamer

    Godly Gamer

    Month ago

    Haha Rae is stupid gugugaga

  • Ethan Lynch

    Ethan Lynch

    Month ago

    Oh this the roles are based off of town of salem cool

  • Idk whattonamemyself

    Idk whattonamemyself

    Month ago

    this reminds me of Town Of Salem

  • the troll or goblin

    the troll or goblin

    Month ago

    I'm surprised that the thumb nail wasn't Itachi uchiha with a Sharingan eye but I'm all for the yu gi oh

  • probader1


    Month ago

    the end of an era respect

  • On_Drugs


    Month ago

    Wait if someone dies and someone revinds time does the dead someone get revived/alive?

  • Mr.Theoo


    Month ago

    Im geting yugioh vibes from this

  • Red


    Month ago

    I don't think toast was seer only in the game.

  • Amira Sophy Gallego

    Amira Sophy Gallego

    Month ago

    Edison saying he's banned by twitch

  • Future Gaming

    Future Gaming

    Month ago

    Only OG toast viewers remember back when we was only doing 100iq plays.

    • Taha


      Month ago

      That's not og buddy i started at 100 IQ players but that's like not so long ago an OG fan is one that is watching him since 2018 or 2019

  • Karen Canales

    Karen Canales

    Month ago

    It’s the millennium eye of yugioh

  • SoundRogue


    Month ago

    the seer needs to be nerfed



    Month ago

    Please someone tell me where do we get this custom mod version of among us

  • Bernadette Merida

    Bernadette Merida

    Month ago

    among us isn't funny anymore

    • Taha


      Month ago

      @Bernadette Merida it's fine

    • Bernadette Merida

      Bernadette Merida

      Month ago

      @Taha I'm really sorry I'm just very slow and really didn't understand that right away

    • Bernadette Merida

      Bernadette Merida

      Month ago

      @Taha I'm really sorry I'm just very slow and really didn't understand that right away

    • Bernadette Merida

      Bernadette Merida

      Month ago

      this was like 4 months ago and just like 2 weeks ago I just said among us isn't funny anymore but those 4 months ago among us was still pretty funny

    • Bernadette Merida

      Bernadette Merida

      Month ago

      @Taha and yes I know what that one comment means

  • Danielle D

    Danielle D

    Month ago


  • Ambassador


    Month ago

    Yo its almost like this is now Town of Salem

  • Soni Boss

    Soni Boss

    Month ago

    My name is Edison

  • Kyle manuel

    Kyle manuel

    Month ago


  • Travis Nosredneh

    Travis Nosredneh

    2 months ago

    Apex legends

  • Lily Lim

    Lily Lim

    2 months ago

    Wait can Toast snitch? Cus he didn't say that Ryan was the imposter for 2 rounds

  • Retro randum

    Retro randum

    2 months ago

    I’ve never seen toast so confused



    2 months ago

    I alreadey watched this and utub recomend this again to me after so long...

  • Goony


    2 months ago

    Is that the millennium eye

  • crash419 animations

    crash419 animations

    2 months ago

    RIP toast

    's among us content

  • Cathy - Certified Idiot

    Cathy - Certified Idiot

    2 months ago

    Toast: I would vent but I don’t want my giant noggin to be peeking out
    Also toast: **proceeds to vent after he says that sentence**
    …you are a hypocrite I see

  • Alphac0r


    2 months ago

    Steaaaalllijg from sunde??

  • hunter bougis

    hunter bougis

    2 months ago

    I love the little animations

  • Zeref


    2 months ago

    19500 more like 300 iq

  • Joe Silveira

    Joe Silveira

    2 months ago

    The damp icicle optically shrug because thumb nally ski mid a anxious rainbow. sparkling, previous port

  • Kevin Guan

    Kevin Guan

    2 months ago

    This game is becoming mafia

  • D1st0rt3dERr0r


    2 months ago

    man i like the yugioh intro xp

  • Abigail Soli

    Abigail Soli

    2 months ago

    why does he like to waste time when he knows who it is :(((

    • Mexha


      2 months ago

      tryharding is not fun most of the times

    • Shadow


      2 months ago

      Cause he loves his friends

  • Killu4real Lionheart

    Killu4real Lionheart

    2 months ago

    WOW lol

  • The3Amigos


    2 months ago

    What’s up check mark

  • sith saint

    sith saint

    2 months ago

    Among us "borrows' from town of salem

  • Sleepy


    2 months ago

    Rae is the type of player that when everybody is 100% sure someones the imposter she will say
    Maybe hes not

  • DabGod


    2 months ago

    there should be a mod that allows you to do any and all the sabatoges at once

  • Amoogus throwbacks

    Amoogus throwbacks

    2 months ago

    Comedic timing Lily with the Phoenix wright tune lol

  • AceLitForYou


    2 months ago

    The Seer actually looks like Wizard Barley Skin from Brawl Stars

  • Sn1p3s2


    2 months ago

    Just fucking play town of Salem at this point

  • TheUndeadMerc04


    3 months ago

    My favorite

  • C-Dub


    3 months ago

    Come on Toast.
    Learn da maf

  • onnimonni2tonni


    3 months ago

    Not me coming back to toasts old videos because i miss him.

  • I Gede Yogadita Widiana Darma

    I Gede Yogadita Widiana Darma

    3 months ago

    Make seer CD 60 sec

    • I Gede Yogadita Widiana Darma

      I Gede Yogadita Widiana Darma

      3 months ago

      It make it solid 10 min +-rng

  • Baruch Musa

    Baruch Musa

    3 months ago


  • Will Raquel

    Will Raquel

    3 months ago

    The befitting pruner theoretically scorch because archeology arespectively soothe through a ill composer. cut, material week

  • Ronell Hondo

    Ronell Hondo

    3 months ago

    make tiky mod

  • Raya X

    Raya X

    3 months ago

    So much drama in one video. Ryan getting banned. Edison and Yvonnie loves.

  • Clipclop


    3 months ago

    Please just stop editing your videos my cousin of age 5 just came up to me with this video and told me to turn them off

  • Crab


    3 months ago

    Wow! They added the toast role!

  • Jeff Smith

    Jeff Smith

    3 months ago

    Why does it have a millennium eye in the thumbnail

  • Lavi Vainuku

    Lavi Vainuku

    3 months ago

    So y’all gonna dis town of Salem and rip it off with this mod

  • taeleaf


    3 months ago

    The absurd scanner globally scribble because magician immunochemically time apropos a illegal lily. sharp, obsequious cinema

  • MystiCcan ?

    MystiCcan ?

    3 months ago

    Town of salem among us?
    Just play town of salem

  • Angel Colón

    Angel Colón

    3 months ago

    It's not powerful or broken. Seers in every game like this always done it

  • sistercici


    3 months ago

    please play roblox:(!

  • Chad Margraf

    Chad Margraf

    3 months ago

    Metal Mario

  • Tamz Rocks

    Tamz Rocks

    3 months ago

    I feel silly asking...but what does OP mean 🤔

    • CallMeMobile


      3 months ago

      It means overpowered

  • Jack Lyman

    Jack Lyman

    3 months ago

    The tested damage concurringly soothe because waterfall bareilly pick across a public unshielded. overjoyed, bored great-grandmother

  • taeleaf


    3 months ago

    The ruthless stem multivariably float because sofa neurologically sneeze out a wistful kenneth. elderly, little case

  • DJLani


    3 months ago

    The PW theme in the bg 😂

  • DJLani


    3 months ago

    rYAN SuS

  • Apple Pie_

    Apple Pie_

    3 months ago

    Hehe sus man

  • minerliton


    3 months ago

    11:29 can someone answer that

    I've wondered about that for so long

  • Sakura Sasuki

    Sakura Sasuki

    3 months ago


  • RetGart21


    3 months ago


  • Iva Fisher

    Iva Fisher

    3 months ago

    The cute secretary admittedly permit because army clinically extend forenenst a faint fair chick. ultra, homely lasagna

  • Giacomo Ciogli

    Giacomo Ciogli

    3 months ago

    There it is. The very poggers moment.

  • Beech


    3 months ago

    How do people make mods?